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Samsung Decides to Shut Down old S Voice Assistant

Samsung decides to shut down old S voice assistant

Back in 2012, Samsung had brought up its S voice assistant, who was built in all of its forthcoming smartphones. It now seems that the voice assistant has long outlived its utility. Thus, Samsung has decided to render its old friend out of operation, which is not surprising.

The old S voice assistant will be shut down in June. It is relevant to note that it was the summer of 2012 when the new voice assistant from Samsung was unveiled. To be precise, it was May of 2012. It was the same time when Apple had unveiled its Siri, and to keep up with its rival, Samsung chose the former. Apple had introduced its Siri on iPhone 4S, and after that, Samsung’s S seemed its only rival.

Though it had been introduced quite a while back, it was eventually replaced by Bixby. The former assistant had failed to meet the rising standards of the market. During that time, AI for smartphones was still in its early stages. But, the voice assistant was nevertheless a valuable addition to the Galaxy S III.

The voice assistant performed its job modestly, given that the phone was blessed with a massive 4.8-inch screen. The Galaxy S III also came with a nice TouchWiz interface, and in addition to that, it had a powerful quad-core CPU. The S voice could initiate calls, wake the phone for you. The smart voice could be used to request songs, view the calendar app, and send emails and texts. It supported 8 languages then including Korean and German.

The voice assistant was capable of adjusting the phone’s volume, taking beautiful photos, getting informed about the weather, setting up or turning on an alarm and snoozing the same and inquiring details about anything. It was able to perform searches on Google once you commanded it to do so. But even then, the assistant could not keep pace with the rising competition in the field of AI as a natural part of the smartphone interface.

It was then that the South Korean electronics giant, Samsung sought to acquire Viv. It believed that the acquisition would blow life into the ailing S voice assistant. For this very purpose, Bixby was brought once Viv was in. It did its job but not well enough. It as well, could not leave an appreciable imprint.

Many products from Samsung, especially the wearables, have been getting updates of Bixby. Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Active are one of those electronics’ products marked to achieve a new update of Bixby. Once the S Voice gets shut down completely, other devices from Samsung like the Gear S3 and Gear Sport will also be getting updates with Bixby.

But, as of now, Samsung has decided to do away with its S voice assistant. S Voice service will come to an end as of June 1. Bixby, however, is here to stay. On older devices, AI products like Bixby, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa shall continue to be used widely.

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