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Samsung Ends Support for Galaxy S7 after 4 years of Updates

Samsung ends support for Galaxy S7 after 4 years of updates

Samsung has drawn out support for its Galaxy S7 after a series of updates that continued for 4 years. There shall not be any further updates in the Galaxy S7 series. The updates that were applied by and were not regular in nature. It is finally time to bid farewell to this old flagship model of Samsung.

It means that the Galaxy S8 will be the next smartphone to stop getting any type of post-sale software updates. Thus, software support will not be provided for further members of the series. The users of this flagship model have reaped the harvest of good after-sales support while giving four years of support. The same is laudable when you compare Samsung to many other devices in the market that get almost no software updates after they are released.

Samsung blog’s Security Updates page does not list the Galaxy S7 series, which was earlier there. The fact that it was done within the updates’ pages tells that the plan is brewing for very long. Again, the brand certainly would not have kept on serving its old-line till eternity. It was not an unpleasant surprise. Neither came out as a shocker. After all, the Galaxy S7 had been launched in 2016.

While other companies like Google had extended 3 years of support to Google Pixel, Samsung went one step ahead and served its customers with one extra layer of updates for a year. LG can also take inspiration from Samsung, who has had prompt updates lately. 

It seems as though the last update to be extended towards Galaxy S7 was for Verizon models. This update, which had come over the weekend, had resulted in officially ending support to the old model after four years of continued service. The after purchase service from Samsung has been pretty modest.

The Galaxy S7 had received its last big Android update in the year 2018, i.e., 2 years back with the coming up of a new operating system, Android Oreo. It should be relevant to add here that two years after the S7 and S7 Edge had been launched, these smartphones had still been getting security updates.

Now, the owners of the Galaxy S7 will have to rely on other support systems that can be sourced through third-party ROMs like Lineage Operating System. There are others of the same nature, although owners should first find out what they can rely on, now that some third party systems have rolled back their support for the good old friend.

The iPhone 6s was able to get quarterly patches and get updates into the iOS 13 and potentially iOS 14 as well. But, the same does not go for many android powered phones out there. The OEMs are known to avert gaze and focus on newer models. Even then, it is remarkable that the Galaxy S7 series had been getting updates for so long.

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