Samsung Event on Feb 12; Surprises Pouring from All Side

Samsung event to take place on 12 Feb for unpacking new devices

Samsung’s unpacked event is going to be held in San Francisco. It was rumored that the latest Galaxy flagship phone could also make its way to the exhibition. There is a strong chance the brand will also be displaying its foldable phone, which is the second one since its last smartphone. Thus Galaxy S11, Galaxy A71 PH, could also be present at the big show. Moreover, there is little doubt over the presence of the all-new Galaxy Z Flip. After a series of tweets and reviews sprouting here and there, this news has only become confirmed.

A number of tweets have surfaced over the internet in which you can see young boys and girls coming up with their videos depicting how the new Samsung phone gets flipped. A section of the population has described their concerns over the potential unavailability of the phones in their regions. The phone is being shown to contain a small one-inch notification panel. There is going to be a dual-camera also. The phone is getting nice tweets. Definitely, this is one of the prized technologies that make their way into the mainstream.

A lot of info is not available at the moment, mainly because the phone has not been reviewed much as of now. We believe that more reviews would come over the internet in a matter of a few days. Right now, there is strong evidence that the flagship phone Galaxy Z Flip is powered by an 855+ Snapdragon chipset. The foldable device comes with an 8 GB of primary memory, RAM. Along with it, Galaxy Z Flip’s operating system should be Android 10.

The event is a promising one. No wonder why such big numbers of journalists, tech reviewers, and domain experts are making their trip to the event. The phone that gets easily flipped with the pressure of a thumb is getting good reviews and ratings from around the world. Not just that, the new Samsung Galaxy flipping smartphone has also clinched a nice score on Geekbench with 618 points on the single-core. The phone has got awesome points in the multi-core department, with 2421 points.

There is a fairly small number of gadgets in this foldable segment of new phones, and mostly the concept has been that of a trial. But even then, Samsung can be assumed to have some good competition from a number of companies in the segment. The prominent names which occur to us are the Moto Razr V3, Huawei Mate X, and Oppo foldable phone. There are others by Xiaomi and LG too, for instance, Xiaomi MIX Flex, LG Bendi, and the likes.

A number of these handsets come under the category of concept phones. But that is not all the news. This year is expected to get us introduced to a lot of foldable devices. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is expected to be priced above Rs. 100,000. Undoubtedly, the phone has made an entry in the upper price bracket. In India, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be launched on 27 February 2020.

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