Samsung’s newest launch Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to miss out the 64-Megapixel Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Image

It is pretty much known all over the world now that Samsung’s most awaited phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launched in few months span, and is expected to have a very near resemblance to Galaxy 10 series when it comes to the design. Although it does harbor the most prominent and signature feature of Note, the inclusion of S Pen stylus makes it an obvious Samsung note product.

Samsung being one of the largest electronic manufacturing of the world is well known for its new phone series that always blows people’s mind away. Samsung phones are for all people to afford and the best in the world to give competition to Apple iPhone. Samsung is not only famous for its various features but also the camera that clicks amazing photos.

Earlier this weekend, Samsung announced the launch of two new camera sensors. The 64 MP and 48 MP ISOCELL Bright sensors sound exciting for sure to the people. But megapixels are not everything for the camera. In previous years, Samsung used to come on board in megapixel wars with other competitors regarding the cameras on its flagship phones. But the realization has already been dawned that megapixels are not the only thing making the company work.

If rumors are to be believed Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have advanced and improved display design and also support for faster battery charging than ever before. But the rumor also going that the Big launch of Samsung is going to miss the famous high-end 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 with amazing clarity, that almost all Samsung phones have as a must.

The news is causing a huge disappointment for the Samsung fans who are patiently waiting for the new launch. However, it will definitely cast some doubts regarding the commitment of Samsung, by missing one of the main factors which determine the success of a smartphone in the mobile market. While the Galaxy S10 will not stand equal with the other Smartphones with a better camera. Even with the similar Samsung products, it comes up short when it comes to low-light photography. A 64 MP “Tetra cell” camera could do wonders which will be beyond the user’s expectations.

“Over the past few years, mobile phone cameras have become the main instrument for recording and sharing our everyday moments,” said Samsung’s Yongin Park.

The news of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 missing the new 64-megapixel feature was tweeted by @Universelce. For everyone, New camera technology is an exciting one while looking out for a new smartphone. With the latest Samsung flagships that are often raising the bar with better features, camera, and updates, heightened expectations on Galaxy Note 10 is natural.

Even if the Note series do miss the 64-megapixel feature it is not always the same but a pixel size can also play a role regarding how well the sensor works and handles low-light areas to get the best photography. If by going with the rumors anything can be true, it may not be all that bad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 anticipators.

With 1.22 micron pixels in Samsung Galaxy S10’s main camera, it already attracted many of its customers. It is now expected that in Galaxy Note 10 it is going to bring something even better without the need of 64 MP sensor.

So wanna try something new while looking for smartphones. Not only the quality of the camera lets dig out our cash and stay tuned for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10, with exciting new features and a bigger & better version of the previous Samsung Smartphones.

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