Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ in all new avatar: Cardinal Red added in the Hue box!

As reported earlier, Galaxy S10 and S10+ are getting a new avatar of Cardinal red, the news has been confirmed last week. Samsung has already said about the release of Galaxy S10e later this year. It is being guessed that even S10e would have the new shade in its option. Though it is not confirmed that whether all the phones in the S10 series would have the cardinal red shade in the hue box but S10 is surely going to have this new shade.

S10e might even get this color variant during the release but it is yet to be seen. Roland Quandt ( said that only the color of the S10 is going to change whereas all other specifications of the phone, including the price, would remain the same.

It is being said that all the three models would be having the new hue and would be available in Europe within a week or two and some countries might even receive the new red S10 before 10th of June. Though we don’t know yet that whether US and Australia would be able to see this beautiful devil or not.

Quandt has even shared some pictures of yet to be released S10e in the Cardinal red which is the brightest shade of red and is surely going to stand out in the crowd. Well, the company has already said about other colors in which the S10e is going to be released and they are Canary Yellow, Prism Green, black, blue and white.

Recently, Samsung Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition launched. Now, the news on S10 and S10+ with Cardinal Red color is out. Also, it is not yet confirmed which phone of S10e series would be having the Cardinal Red hue in its bag. The new red shade of S10e is going to be sold in Western Europe first followed by other countries, so as to see the popularity and demand of the hue.

The most affordable phone in the series, S10e would come with a 5.8-inch screen, two primary cameras, long battery life with an expectancy of 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage; 8GB RAM and 256GB storage; along with a microSD card slot expandable up to 512GB. The S10e does not have a third lens, no on-screen fingerprint scanner and is probably thicker than S10.

The phone has a back camera of the 12MP primary sensor, 16MP ultrawide sensor and the front camera of a 10MP single sensor. The S10e comes with a battery power of 3100mAH and runs on Android 9.0 Pie-based One UI operating system which is being powered by 1.9 GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 9820 processor.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S10e in India would be INR 50,900 as reported by certain sources. Though the release date of the S10e has yet not been declared, we can still view the new S10 and S10+ in their new Cardinal Red shade for the time being. The only thing which might hurt is that the new shade of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ won’t be released worldwide and we can only look at the pictures of the beauty.

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