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Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a 108 megapixel camera as per leaks

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Rumors have been piling up regarding the features and specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11. There have been many leaks regarding what features the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will carry and how it will compete with the other leading brands. Now, there has been a new leak regarding the camera features of the Samsung Galaxy S11 phone.

Renders already gave a hint that the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will contain a large camera. And with the information from the new leak, we now get a clear picture of what the large camera would be like. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will contain the main camera with the 108-megapixel sensor. The device will also contain an extra three sensors at the back or rear. Out of which, the two will also contain a separate ultra-wide sensor and a 5x telephoto lenses.

And the important feature, the third camera will have a “time of flight “ sensor, which will bounce infrared light form the subject to help with taking portrait pictures using augmented reality. This feature will be known to all the users or holders of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus as this feature is available in that device.

Samsung has just rumored to use a 108-megapixel sensor further in its new phone, but phone companies like Xiaomi CC9 Pro have already included this sensor and released their phones. Bloomberg also reported that the feature such as the 108 megapixel main camera and 5x optical zoom camera is to be used in the Samsung second foldable phone, which is the “Galaxy Fold clamshell device“. This new upcoming phone is also reported to release on February 2020.

And we need to note that still it is not decided whether this new phone will use the flip concept specified before two months at the conference. This 108 megapixel will also be used in Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha as it gives a very good and sharp camera. And it has already used and released this feature in the Mi Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy series actually from S7 has used 12-megapixel camera only that is even from 2016. But, it is gradually increasing its camera features, which will, of course, be a high bet. So, Samsung Galaxy fans can indeed expect a drastic change in its camera performance. They can, of course, enjoy a better quality camera.

Also, there has been a rumor that the Exynos-990 based Galaxy S11 sold in Europe and Asia cannot compete with the ones used in the Galaxy S11 sold in America. The one sold in America uses Snapdragon-865 version.

Ice also said, “I used to be the most determined fan of Exynos, but it disappointed me. It was caused by the wrong decision of Samsung’s leadership.“ He also added, “This is the price Samsung should pay. Samsung has wasted 5 years on the CPU, and it lags far behind.“


So, for the US fans and customers, this is good news. As all the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S11 uses Snapdragon chip. Moreover, some other leaks about the battery say that the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will contain a 5000mAh battery. This is a lot more than the battery capacity of the latest iPhone 11, which was 4000mAh. The battery is upgraded mainly as the customers were majorly satisfied with the high battery capacity in the Galaxy S10+.

The Samsung company has not officially announced anything about the features of the new upcoming Galaxy phones. They have just announced that the new phones will be released in February 2020. So we will probably hear about the specifications of the S11 at the beginning of 2020.

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