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Samsung has launched its SpaceMax Family Hub smart refrigerator in India

Samsung has launched its SpaceMax Family Hub smart refrigerator in India

Samsung has finally launched its SpaceMax Family Hub refrigerator in India. It is a smart refrigerator, and the series was launched in India recently on July 13th. The refrigerator comes with multiple technology specs that are new and amazing. Samsung has a huge name in the mobile phone industry in terms of consumer electronics. The South Korean company is expanding its reach and popularity into home appliances as well. While Godrej is usually the most popular brand in this sector, Samsung is not far behind. They are quickly gaining consumers’ attention by introducing new technologies in their appliances to assist the customer better.

The refrigerator will come with a camera installed in it so that you don’t have to venture into the kitchen whenever you want to see if there’s something in the fridge of your liking. You can swipe with a multi-finger onto the Family Hub app on your Galaxy smartphone. Facts people with phones from other brands can also access this app. They can even create shopping lists in the refrigerator app, label items inside the fridge by their expiration date. The app also allows you to set reminders so that you remember to stalk up on food items that are about to expire or finish out.

One smart feature of the fridge that stands out is the food recipe suggestions that the app offers. It intuitively scans all the food items present inside your fridge and then offers you recipes including them, of course, the recipes are segregated based on the dietary preferences set by the owner, thus assisting you in eating home-cooked food without much hassle or surfing around. The refrigerator comes along with a 21.5-inch touch-display combined with 25-watt speakers. It allows the user to watch recipe videos when in the kitchen or even play their favorite music while doing their chores. You can also connect it to your smart TV and watch sports or movies while cooking. 

Gone are the days when you would have to leave sticky notes or paper notes under magnets on the fridge to let your family members know about your schedule or plans. With the smart fridge, you can leave them a text message on the family connection page on the display of your refrigerator. Samsung’s AI assistant called Bixby will be pre-installed in the family Hub fridge, and hence you can ask it to read you out news articles, game scores, and other such tasks while you’re busy with your work and cannot afford to keep looking at the screen again and again. The power cool and power freeze feature come in super handy when you need to chill something up fairly quickly, and it can be initiated by using just a single button. 

The user can install Samsung’s smart things app to control the Space max smart fridge’s multiple functionalities like temperature cooling, power freeze, ice maker, door open notification, etc. The app is also featured to provide the user with a self-diagnosis if asked for. The fridge comes with a built-in inverter as well. SpaceX also features an inbuilt deodorizer that will keep your fridge smelling fresh by passing stale air through filters after every little while. The fridge will come in a Matt black color with a capacity of 675 liters. It will be available for online purchase stores like Flipkart, Samsung, Croma, etc. from July 13th to July 26th at a reduced price of 1,96,990 INR with various cashback offers on pre-booking the fridge.

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