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Samsung is Reportedly Prototyping QD-OLED Panels

Samsung is reportedly prototyping QD-OLED panels

The TV market has come to a revolutionary stage where remarkable companies in the industry are developing QD-OLED hybrid TV sets. It might just be the next big thing that the customers will be compelled to buy. The new technology is still at the prototype stage, as it has been reported. 

Through the market analysts at Omdia, it has come to light that QD-OLED TVs are also currently being shown to any potential buyers in the TV space by TV brands, including Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung electronics. 

Buyers could see commercial models of the TVs being launched in the year 2021 as the production for the market has been likely planned for the end of the year 2021. If not 2021, 2022 will surely be when we see these new TVs in the market. It is most likely that we will have 55-inch, 65-inch, 78-inch, and 82-inch in the list of sizes that will be launched shortly.

Rumors regarding the development of QD-OLED TVs have been going on since the beginning of last year, and giving in to them, Samsung had invested a great deal of money into researching the same. The company’s plans have been even more futuristic as they plan to convert one of their LCD factories for the production of QD-OLED TVs.

Introduction of QD-OLED technology-powered TVs seems like a suitable and smart step for Samsung, considering they have already been promoting 8K QLED panels as well as Mini-LED TVs recently. Their premium sets even are being promoted on the same grounds, which makes a stable pathway for the new technology to be launched.

Along with Samsung, other significant companies like Sony and Panasonic are also progressing towards the development of the same technology that was first brought forward by LG. the OLED technology that the company launched has been used in many of their high-end television sets.

Samsung is currently making good progress on the technology, and it won’t be long before they completely form the specs. Although, it might even happen that it is further sold to other brands. the details of what might happen with QD-OLED in the future depend entirely on how impressive the technology comes out.

Some might still be confused about the QD-OLED technology and why we need it when we already have OLED. It simply amplifies the advantages that OLED had been launched with better visuals being one of the most significant features. The benefit would be the possibility of mass production, hence providing customers with good experience at a much lower price.

Currently, everything about QD-OLED is very speculative, and nothing has been confirmed on paper even. We can only expect the rumored deadlines to be true and that we might end up seeing the technology go into production by late 2021.

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