Samsung launches a range of colorful Customizable Refrigerator: BESPOKE

Samsung Customizable Refrigerator bespoke Image

Entering into the world of automation and customization, Samsung introduced its new Samsung Electronics’ Project PRISM. It launched the project in Seoul, Korea which features home appliances that can fit into almost any lifestyle. It allows the customers & faculty to personalize the quality of the materials used, colors, shapes, and designs of the product.

Samsung organized a launch event at the Samsung Digital Plaza in Seoul that was majorly done to introduce its new project PRISM. The event organized at the Samsung Digital Plaza was not just a showroom. There were product displays and cafes and experience zones. It was literally a place with a display of all the new models of Samsung refrigerators in an aesthetic setup to explain the offers that Samsung is freshly providing.

Hyun Suk Kim, Samsung Electronics’ President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division started the event by delivering a welcoming speech. “There is a growing trend across this generation, especially among millennials, that sees us valuing personal tastes and experiences foremost,” said Kim. “With Project PRISM, we are reflecting this trend, and hope that Samsung can become a prism-like medium, able to reflect each and every colorful consumer lifestyle.”

Samsung introduced its first customizable product, BESPOKE which is a part of large effort from the Samsung group and share the philosophy behind the PRISM project as –  “Project PRISM’s philosophy is that only when truly reflecting a consumer’s lifestyle can a home appliance fit seamlessly into their lives – and BESPOKE marks the start of this process.”

As per the News Report, Samsung has made quite smart moves while introducing this project. First of all, the project’s name, PRISM- the word that reflects variance in colors. And then, the product’s name- BESPOKE, which is the combination of words ‘be’ and ‘spoke’ to highlight the choice and voice of the customer in the creation of the refrigerators.

BESPOKE refrigerators can be customized with the regards to color, material, sizing and other features of personal choices of the customers. The BESPOKE refrigerator is announced to be available in 8 varied sizes capable of fitting in whatever home or professional space it is provided with-

  • 4-door “kitchen fit”
  • 4-door freestanding
  • 2-door BMF having an upper refrigerator and lower freezer
  • The 1-door refrigerator of 24 inches
  • The 1-door freezer of 24 inches
  • 1-door kimchi refrigerator of 24 inches
  • 1-door with an alternating temperature of 18 inches
  • Kimchi plus.

Customers can also choose from a range of 9 strong colors that includes- navy blue, pink, mint, and coral. Adding to personalization, customers can also choose the texture of their refrigerators.

As highlighted earlier, the Samsung Digital Plaza was a playground showcasing the beauties, it also lets the visitors experience six different lifestyle scenarios letting the feeling to sink in of how easily can it be adapted in any lifestyle. 

The price of the BESPOKE fridge is yet not disclosed but it will go on sale in Europe later this year. The line is designed especially to cater to the millennial set, who Samsung like companies are betting more care about self-expression and aesthetics than ever before.

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