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Samsung may release the world’s first zero bezel TV at CES 2020

Samsung may reveal zero bezel tv at CES 2020

Samsung has been talking about zero-bezel TV for quite a while. By now, the dream might become a reality for the Samsung TV lover because Samsung may release its first zero-bezel TV to the world next year. Samsung might announce at the CES event in 2020. Samsung may start its mass manufacturing in February 2020. The zero-bezel, without any doubt, would cost a bit.

Samsung has always been first in bringing new things to the world. Be it phones or TVs, the company puts its full effort into bringing out the best to the people of the world. Samsung recently updated to Android 10, and it has been the first in the queue to introduce this update. And now, it has shifted to the TV world. Samsung will be the first to release a zero-bezel TV to the world. 

Samsung has been good at bringing HDTV to the people. The design is no joke with top-notch picture quality. The sleek design which Samsung has managed to bring is incomparable. The 3D TVs have been nothing more than a curved OLEDs, now Samsung has been trying to bring some innovation with this new zero-bezel TVs. The bezel less TVs have already come, but as the name suggests, they have bezels but less. But, Samsung coming soon TVs are truly zero-bezel ones. 

Samsung has made promises regarding bringing the zero-bezel TV to the people last year itself. The company always will be up to date in all things. Now, we can say it has kept its promise. The Elec sources say that Samsung will be introducing its first zero-bezel TV at the CES 2020 event. The company then is to start mass production in February of 2020. There is no more information about any other design other than this. 

The design of the TV’s body and the display will be welded together. And most importantly, this zero-bezel will be available only in the 65 inches TV and above. So, obviously, the cost also will be a little above. One source, the term “zero bezel” means absolutely no bezel at all. So, the stunning looks is one of the things everyone is waiting to see. This one is the first zero-bezel TV ever since. 

Samsung has not confirmed the rumors or, we have not got any official announcement from the Samsung company. But, there are many reasons for the rumor to be true. One is the Samsung company itself trademarked the name “zero bezel” as one of the brand name last year. Another is the CES trade show is the place for Samsung to unveil all its new products. Be it TV or anything else. So, Samsung must be having a gift for the people at the CES event of 2020.

Samsung has manufactured the chips of these zero-bezel TVs keeping 8K TVs in mind. The next phase of TV would obviously be the 8K, and most probably might be the one to release it. Keeping the speed of the Samsung in updating or bringing new things in mind, the company is no joke, so we can indeed expect the 8K TVs from Samsung. 

We can also take the teaser into consideration released by Samsung. Samsung has released a vague teaser, which shows that the next coming is zero-bezel TV. The teaser is released by the Samsung for the CES event to be conducted on January 6th,2020. The teaser shows an empty shape and specifies “The age of experience”. So, we will find out whether that age is bezel-less or not in the Las Vegas event soon. 

One developer said, “Unlike other so-called ‘zero-bezel’ products that actually still had bezels, this product really doesn’t have a bezel.” He added, “Samsung has become the first in the world to realize such an extreme design.” The Samsung consumer Electronics chief Kim Hyun-Seok did give a two thumbs up for this new Samsung bezel-less TV.


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