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Samsung promises software fix to give a bug-free fingerprint security by next week

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Samsung has given confirmation to its glaring fingerprint security malfunction after it was reported by all quarters of its users’ base. The brand assured an early fix to the users regarding the same. By the next week, the bug might be rectified for good.

The bug has been reported to be affecting users having Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10 5G. Some other models have been known to face the bug too.

It is imperative to note that the in-screen fingerprint privacy feature was one of the unique selling propositions for the high priced Galaxy S10 series, and was advertised well and received well by the buyers in the first quarter of 2019.

Some of the users had complained that the fingerprint security problem surfaced when they put a screen protector onto their phones. This screen cover was not the one Samsung had provided and was pre-applied onto their phones when first purchased.

In fact, it was a local screen protective cover, easily available on sites like eBay, which when users put on their screens, introduced this revelation. Thus a cheap phone accessory paved the way to a totally unexpected problem for Samsung.

Moreover, a user reported that she could unlock her phone using both her left and right fingers, although only one of them was registered. Given that unregistered fingerprints are also being accepted, raising questions over security that can easily be bypassed by attaching a specific screen protector, there is no doubt why concerns over privacy and security got raised.

The screen protection cover was able to obstruct the fingerprint sensor from working. The fingerprint sensor works utilizing the principle of ultrasonic signals. The company officials said that the aforesaid anomaly occurs since when a gap gets introduced between the fingerprint and the screen. The gap is suspected of disrupting the transmission of the ultrasonic signal.

As such, the in-screen fingerprint sensor went inoperative. This raised big security concerns since any person could unlock the phone. As these days, smartphones have a whole world attached to their functionality, starting from messaging and communication to financial transactions using biometric; such an issue is a grave one.

A Samsung official said, “We acknowledged the issues regarding errors with the fingerprint reader of our smartphones. We will soon release a software patch to solve the issue.”

It can be inferred that Samsung is actually looking into and investigating the issue. As it is evident from the official’s statement, Samsung can be expected to resolve the problem as soon as possible after installing a software upgrade, thereby upgrading the phone’s existing software.

This statement has provided a breath of relief to Samsung users, who used to rely on the fingerprint privacy feature in their daily lives. A third-party app has proposed Samsung users to do away with the fingerprint feature for now, and look up to other options like PIN and password, till the anomaly is corrected.

Now that Samsung is all set to release its security patch for users, an official stated, “We encourage any customers with questions or who need support downloading the latest software to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG”.

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