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Samsung to unveil its new Mobile, TV and Home Appliances on September 2nd

Samsung to host a virtual event in September for tech reveal

Samsung is supposedly launching a new TV and mobile products in its September event. Yes, it is going to host a grand virtual event in September. The virtual event is scheduled on the 2nd of September and is happening not even a month after its August unpacked event. The announcements for this immersive virtual experience have come out after its decision to not partake in the exhibits at a major tech show in Europe hosted by IFA.

This virtual event in September has been named as “Life Unstoppable” and is supposedly going to be about 45 minutes long. The event will be an overall reveal for a lot of gadgets and plans that the firm has for its future. It will also reveal some of the new ones that it has already been working on.

The event will go over mobile, TV, and home appliance launches and will also cover some announcements about wearables. Samsung has been known to be one of the bigger exhibitors at the IFA tech show. Even then it usually holds up on the relatively smaller reveal and announcements on this show. It does not launch any major phones or wearable on that show.

In the previous year, some of the biggest announcements that Samsung made were about the launch of its Exynos 986 processor with a 5G modem, its foldable redesigned phone called Galaxy fold, and then about its mid-range phone called Galaxy A90 that featured a 5G modem.

Observing past events and announcements, experts and market specialists are saying that a similar trend of announcements might be showcased in the September virtual event, given that it is scheduled right after Samsung’s August unpacked event. On the other hand, the tech show by IFA is seeing some drastic changes this year, given the circumstances due to the pandemic.

IFA disclosed in May that it is still hoping to be able to conduct an in-person show this year as well and thus scheduled it for September 3-5. However, the current situations seem a little risky for that kind of an in-person show. So IFA has had some change of plans. According to the current announcements, and talks with the organizers, it seems that the event will be invite-only and that it will not be open to the general public.

IFA will be taking care of all the public health guidelines while hosting this event. The show will supposedly be hosted in four different sections of smaller events, and each section will only be open to the guests. Each of these four events will have a public hygiene system in place to ensure the safety of the visitors and try not to spread the Coronavirus.

Since the physical event would not be able to be as big and grand as the other years, online events will be held for the same with their aspects matching that of the physical events. While Samsung’s ‘life unstoppable’ event will be held on the 2nd of September at 9 AM, BST, it will be open to attendees from various industries like media retails and other industries. Sources say that the event will be made available to the public after it has been held on Samsung’s website.

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