Samsung brings a treat for the SmartThings users this Halloween

Samsung updates family hub restaurant image

If you are a user of Samsung smart home appliances, then the company has bought a treat for you this Halloween. Apparently, Samsung has made major updates in SmartThings, the company’s smart dome ecosystem, and you are going to love it.

Basically, the SmartThings has a family hub which controls all the smart home appliances of Samsung that you are using. This recent update consists of controlling the SmartThings not only from your Samsung smartphone but even from your Samsung smart TV. There is another bonus too: The family hub refrigerator can also be controlled by SmartThings.

John Herrington, senior vice president and GM of Home Appliances says, “provide smart capabilities that add convenience, control and access to the kitchen.”


The family hub refrigerator can now be connected to SmartThings, which means you will be able to give orders to the refrigerators from your phone as well as your Smart TV. You can even select any recipe or can pre-heat the oven through the family hub refrigerator. Apart from that, with just a simple command, the SmartThings will open any app that you require to view on your display like YouTube, Amazon Prime and many more.

Samsung has made a smart move by connecting all the smart home appliances under one app so that it would be easier for the person to control the devices. This particular update works over Wi-Fi and is really simple to use. There are no hidden features, no complexity or any kind of trouble that would make it difficult for you to use the app.

Family hub will connect everything in your house and will even provide some new features in each device. The automation system will help you in managing everything easily. Be it switching on the air conditioner or controlling the security cameras of your house from remote areas; you can do everything through Family hub.

In the growing era of technology, smart appliances are expected to have more new features and should also be able to communicate with each other. Communication between the smart home appliances helps in keeping the house secure and free of any threats. Through SmartThings, you can not only connect the Samsung household appliances but also devices from other companies, though for that some extra settings are required, it is possible.

This new update is already available, and you can avail it by going to the settings of your Family Hub and then clicking on software updates.

There are more new things to come along with the update. Samsung is on its way to launch some new phones, which are being said to be budget-friendly versions of Note 10+ and Galaxy S10. If the news is true, then we would be able to get all the features of these two devices at a reasonable price. Though the release date is not yet known and only model numbers have been released, but we can expect some good news soon.

However, speaking about home appliances, Samsung had faced some serious issues when one of its washing machine models caught fire, and the company had to call back all the models. In spite of the issue, Samsung has managed to convince its customers about its home appliances through Family Hub.

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