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Samsung’s Mini-Refrigerators to Reach S Korea in the Next Few Days

Samsung’s mini-refrigerators to reach S Korea in the next few days

Samsung has announced that it would be launching its mini-refrigerators in South Korea sometime during October itself. The tech giant has intentions of bringing in many home appliances and promoting their sales to a large extent since most of them are confined indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. 

The latest mini-refrigerator that would be released by Samsung is named as BESPOKE Cube. This appliance would be available in South Korea at a cost that would be anywhere between 599,000 won, which is about US$515 to 649,000 won, states Samsung. The company further claims that the upcoming mini-refrigerators consist of a wide range of storage setting options, from which the users have the liberty to customize them based on their likes and choices. 

Currently, this appliance consists of three different variant models. The first one is the “Wine and Beer” model, which has been designed to store alcoholic drinks. Next, the “Beauty and Health” variant can be used for storing beauty products such as creams, cosmetics, and many more. This model can also be used for storing healthy foods. The third model is known as “Multi.” As the name suggests, this one can store multiple products within itself. 

The electronics and smartphone technology maker further stated that these small refrigerators consist of Peltier semiconductor cooling technology rather than the classic technology revolving around compressors. Owing to this technique, there is a reduced level of noise within the appliance. Furthermore, its miniature design makes it easy to keep this appliance in a small location. For instance, this can be easily fitted within a bedroom. 

The BESPOKE Cube is based on a modular design. Users can pile up or divide two items. The appliance comes in five soothing colors-white, charcoal, pink, fern green, and sky blue.

These compact refrigerators are also compatible with SmartThings, Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This technique makes it very simple for users to customize the temperature settings within the appliance and check on the items stored within them, all on their mobile devices. 

Samsung ranks third in the list of top key players in the Mini Fridge Market, according to the Global Mini Fridge Market 2020 report. The top two key players in this list are Whirlpool and Videocon. Likewise, the most preferred mini-refrigerators are the single-door type and the double-door type. And finally, these appliances are most preferred in hotels, supermarkets, and then in residential houses. 

As mentioned earlier, owing to the ongoing pandemic, Samsung has been trying to bring in many appliances that would be quite useful at home. One of them is Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator. The appliance can be partitioned into various sections, with each one having a separate door. Foods can be accommodated in each section, depending on the likes and dislikes of the users. Also, this kind of option provides more space to store items. This one is available in glam white, glam pink, glam lavender, glam burgundy, and many more attractive colors. The BESPOKE Refrigerator is all set to arrive in Europe shortly.

Samsung also launched its latest washer and dryer, called the WW9800T, in Europe back in August. This appliance provides suggestions on how to go about doing the laundry. It is equipped with the “Laundry Planner” and “Laundry Recipe” features.

Finally, there is the Samsung AirDresser that can be used for cleaning kids’ bedding items and their toys. Samsung is introducing it as sanitization has become essential these days.

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