Samsung’s Upcoming Earbuds May not be Bean-Shaped

Many people found the ‘Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’ very cute-looking, particularly due to the bean-like shape it possessed. People were even of the opinion that rather than naming those Galaxy Buds Live, the earbuds should have been named ‘Galaxy Beans’ instead. Yongseok Bang, who played a very important role in designing these earbuds, had stated that the bean-like design was decided upon, going by the fact that earbuds with a shape of this sort could comfortably fit within the ears while providing air at the same time.

However, it looks like Samsung’s upcoming earbuds may not sport the bean look. According to the telecommunications certification authority based in Indonesia, “Galaxy Buds Pro,” Samsung’s next-in-line earbuds could look very much like the initial versions of Galaxy Buds+. SamMobile has reported something on the same lines, stating that the new set of earbuds are made to occupy the space within the ears and seal them completely.

Moreover, this pair of earbuds would be very efficient in eliminating external noise. In other words, the Active Noise Cancellation feature is expected to be present in Galaxy Buds Pro.

At the same time, if someone wishes to experience the serenity of their surroundings, they have an option of switching over to the Ambient mode, which has undergone an enhancement within the Galaxy Buds Pro. The Ambient mode feature was not upto the mark in the previously launched earbuds so far. Hence, this feature looks quite promising in the Galaxy Buds Pro. One can expect it to outshine the previous versions of earbuds.

The idea behind the bean-shaped earbuds was to offer the users comfy-fitting earbuds. However, these earbuds were not very successful in noise elimination. Moreover, the audio sound’s quality coming in from these earbuds was also not pretty much great. In a bid to fit comfortably within one’s ears, the Galaxy Buds Live missed sealing the ears completely, which could be one reason for the poor quality of sound elimination.

The Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, is expected to nullify the above-stated drawbacks coming from the bean-shaped earbuds. Coming with the ambient mode upgraded, this one can still allow the user to experience the sounds within the surroundings while doing its duty of noise cancellation.

The Galaxy Buds Pro could be releasing close to Airpods Pro, Apple’s upcoming earbuds. Or Samsung could even launch its latest earbuds along with its Galaxy S21 lineup. These smartphones are expected to arrive sometime in January, so probably that would be launching these earbuds as well. Because it has always been launching wireless Galaxy Buds along with its S series smartphones for the past two years, this is highly possible. 

According to MySmartPrice, Samsung has cleared most of the formalities required for launching these earbuds, and hence, the Galaxy Buds Pro should be in the market anytime now.

The bean-shaped earbuds arrived in August. With the new set of earbuds looking to arrive soon, this would be Samsung’s second pair of earbuds within six months. With such promising features, users would be looking forward to using the Galaxy Buds Pro.

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