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Sanitizing Clothes Made Possible by Whirlpool

Sanitizing clothes made possible by Whirlpool

Coronavirus has taken the cleaning game to another level as everyone is looking into technology that can help sanitize their surroundings and belongings. Often we forget our clothes in this because we wash them but is just washing enough? Shouldn’t our clothes be sanitized as well?

We have resorted to cleaning our hands many times a day to keep our health in check. It only makes sense that clothes as well should be sanitized for use to use. We can’t see the allergens or bacteria through our eyes, even when we might have gotten rid of the toughest of stains. 

To deal with the sanitization of clothes, Whirlpool has come up with a top-loading washing machine that can sanitize your clothes alongside. It will help make sure that the potential risk posed by various bacteria or viruses that might be earlier building up, can be eliminated. 

The key feature of the washing machine designed by Whirlpool is an in-built heater. Along with using hot water to eliminate germs, the machine uses an ‘Anti-bacterial wash cycle.’ During this cycle, the clothes are heated up to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, which is known to kill germs and harmful bacteria. 

The company has tested that the top-loading washing machine can remove germs up to 99.9% in a NABL accredited laboratory. The models under the range have been tested as per set protocols that state that the machines are fit for sanitization. 

In addition to the hot water feature being present for sanitization, it is also for treating various fabrics. Not all fabrics do well at the same temperature. Some require warm water, while some need cold water. Three modes for the heater have been provided, which differ based on temperature so that the user can switch modes based on fabrics. 

Even though the highlighting feature of the washing machine here is sanitization, but the removal of stains hasn’t been left behind. It is a 6 stage cleaning process that combines mechanical, chemical, and thermal action for removing any stain entirely. For supporting their cleaning system, the company has also claimed that their washing machines can remove 50 types of stains and even the ones that are 48 hours old. 

One would think that a washing machine that does so much would take a lot on the maintenance part. Contrary to that, the whirlpool top loading machines are easy to maintain. Durable materials have been used in its construction to enhance the long life of the product. 

The new Whirlpool machines can be a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to take care of too many things when it comes to washing machines. Any home with kids or senior citizens around will do very well with an easy to use washing machine like this. Given how much care they need, a washing machine that removes germs would be nearly perfect.

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