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Segway and Ninebot on their way to create Electric Scooters and Mopeds

Segway Ninebot launches Electric Scooters Mopeds

When Ninebot got its hand on Segway, one did not expect that there will be so much change in the automobile industry. With the help of Segway’s personal transports and technology, the combination is now going to release its first electric vehicles. The Ninebot eMoped and eScooter are all set to make an appearance in January 2020. Though it was expected that not much information about the vehicles would be provided to the people, surprisingly, Ninebot has given us a lot of information regarding the new vehicles.

As electric vehicles have made their way into the industry, the fuel vehicles are on the verge of extinction; however, it would still take some years for electric vehicles to take over the whole automobile industry. Ninebot had announced the launching of its new vehicles in an event in China along with some specific information about the vehicles. The eMoped or the “smart electric bike” comes in three different versions, with a keyless airlock system, which is quite new in the industry.

The top speed of the eMoped is 15 miles per hour, and each of the three vehicles will be powered with a lithium-ion battery pack with different range operations such as 24 miles, 37 miles, and 46 miles. Along with that, these Mopeds will also have pedals in them, similar to the traditional Mopeds. While most of the Mopeds in the market, have denounced the idea of pedals, Ninebot has bought it back so as to maintain the essence of Mopeds. As the vehicle has pedals, the driver will even be able to drive the vehicle with pedaling even when the charge gets over.

Coming to the eScooter, it has a lot more features than the eMoped. Firstly, it is available in five different variants, and the users will have the opportunity to select from a variety of body colors and seat type, as per their choice. The cheapest amongst all the variants is the E80C, as this particular scooter is powered by a lead-acid battery, while others are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The E80C has a speed limit of 31 miles per hour, with a range of 56 miles. The E90, which is the best variant, has a 34 miles per hour speed limit with a range of 62 miles, while the E100 has the highest speed limit, of 37 miles per hour.

The next two variants of the eScooter are the most popular ones, the E125 and E200P. While the former can hit a speed limit of 46 miles per hour and has a range of 74 miles, the later has a dual battery setup and can hit the speed limit at 62 miles per hour, with a range of 124 miles. The company even stated that the E200P could reach from zero to 25 miles in three seconds, which is quite amazing. In addition to that, the vehicle even has large disc brakes so as to prevent any shock when the vehicle is suddenly stopped.

Segway and Ninebot have made a smart move by introducing electric scooters and electric Mopeds, while other companies are busy in making electric cars. Though Ninebot-Segway is not alone in this genre, as it is followed by a Taiwanese company, Gogoro, who had the similar idea of experimenting with electric vehicles on scooters and other small vehicles, before proceeding into bigger vehicles. However, 2020 will see the rise of electric vehicles as Segway-Ninebot will be introducing its eScooters and eMopeds into the markets. Let’s hope they live up to the expectations of the people!

Image Source: The Verge

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