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Serta Simmons Bedding and HeiQ partner up for introducing Antiviral Mattress to the US

SSB and HeiQ are introducing Antiviral Mattress to the US

Serta Simmons Bedding has come up with a breakthrough that could be an aid in these tough Covid-19 times. It was announced by the brand that they will be partnering up the Switzerland based group, HeiQ. Together two companies are looking forward to the creation of U.S. mattress market’s very first antiviral mattress.

SSB being the leader in bedding and HeiQ being a leader in textile innovation, it makes a lot of sense for the two brands to partner up for something like this. Their work on the new product will be based around the Viroblock technology that HeiQ has earlier come up with, while SSB attains exclusive access for the technology to be launched in the U.S.

HeiQ’s Viroblock technology already has the approval of the European Medical Device Directive. They have allowed it for production of medical PPE kits and masks of the utmost quality. The technology has also been tested already by a renowned institution in Australia, working in the field of infection and immunity research. The tests run by the institute show that the technology is effective against SARS-CoV-2 within 30 minutes and that too up-to 99.9%.

For launching the antiviral mattress in the U.S. market, necessary approvals would be required, and SSB seems to be ready to go all lengths to have those approvals. As it is expected, once the approvals are complete, we would see a line of the Serta and Beautyrest HeiQ Viroblock mattresses in the U.S. market. Most of the mattress brands that SSB parents would follow up with the technology, once SSB gets the green light.

The chairman and CEO of Serta Simmons Bedding said that “Antiviral and antibacterial mattresses will be an enormous asset in that effort.” The company has come with full confidence in its potential product, and many hotel brands across the world have already started showing interest in purchasing the product in the future. Being the company providing the maximum mattresses to the hospitality sector, the incoming requests are not surprising.

As informed in a statement by Elie Khoury, EVP operations resources at Aimbridge Hospitality, the new antiviral mattress and its accessories are already being tested, and companies seem to be eager to understand the impact that the new product would have in the future.

Currently, HeiQ’s Viroblock technology is being considered as a breakthrough because virus particles can’t be seen, but they still penetrate our bedsheets. It is not easy to disinfect the entire bedsheet and be sure that there are no virus particles. Considering the virus also stays on the textile for days, Viroblock solves this problem by using its technology, first to attract the virus particles and then destroy the viral membrane.

Tests have already been conducted to support the working of Viroblock technology. The results show that even Covid-19 virus samples on the fabric under the test were reduced by 99.9%. It has also been proven that textiles that have been treated by Viroblock will be able to retain their antiviral properties for up-to three years and antibacterial properties for 20 years.

For now, the new antiviral mattress seems like a very good addition to SSB’s line and would be an aid to the battle we are fighting against Covid-19.

Image Source: PR Newswire

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