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Shopify rolls out an email marketing tool for online peddlers

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Yesterday, Shopify notified that they are launching a new email marketing tool for its online vendors. According to the announcement by the e-commerce company, they have introduced this tool to build a meaning full relationship with the customers and the vendors.

The Canadian based e-commerce company serves as an online platform for online shops. Shopify proposes a wide range of services to its online sellers, from payments to marketing and shipping. The platform provides tools to simplify the process of pushing an online store for small vendors. The company reported that around 175 countries use them as a platform. The said company had a GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of $41.1 billion by the year 2018.

Shopify as being a renowned platform for e-commerce, faced both ups and downs in its journey in the market. Last month, Shopify had a slip in the market with 3.8%, which resulted in earnings loss of 25 cents in the third quarter. Professionals stated that Shopify would regain as they are focused on the growth. Referring to the statement made by Shopify in June; According to the announcement, they planned to spend over $1 billion for more fulfillment centers to compete with Amazon and eBay.

Constantly, Shopify has been working out to bring different tools from time to time to make the platform a better place for its online merchants. In 2018, they made Shopify as an all-in-one solution for its merchants. Now stepping forward, Shopify has launched an email tool for the online vendors. This email tool will help the online vendors to create, run, and track email-marketing campaigns inside Shopify Marketing. According to Shopify, this is the ‘first email product designed for e-commerce.’ Furthermore, this new tool comprises of customizable email templates that can import existing brand assets and product content from vendor’s stores.

Forthwith, with the launch of this new tool, the vendors can send emails with the domain name. This tool consists of a salient feature known as campaign analytics. This feature helps to analyze various details like the history of the purchase of the products and sold products. Vendors can also fetch the details like the number of emails opened by them.

According to the blog post by Shopify, they boast that they made tie-ups with huge names like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat. They assure that now the merchants can run ads on the said platforms. Thus, they bring in a satisfying offer to the merchants.

The blog post also states that the details as follows, “By opening up our APIs, third-party marketing apps including Segundo, Omnisend and SMSBump have also integrated into Shopify so that you can run a variety of marketing campaigns easily”.


Meanwhile, Shopify has made a remarkable leap with the acquisition of Handshake, a career network and recruiting platform for college students and alumni. According to Handshake, they consider acquisitions in the normal course of business as we focus on making commerce better for everyone.”, from the actions taken by Shopify, it is clear that they are working towards a higher goal. The email tool is now in the test run, which is now available for a limited number of vendors. It is expected that by next year, the email tool will be available for everyone.

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