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Signal Secure Messaging App now supports iPad Too

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Signal’s secure messaging app will now be available for all iPad users too. This comes as one of the most recent updates for the app company. News is that you would seamlessly be able to link your tablet as a “linked” gadget. That means you would be able to fetch your app to your tablet, as well.

Along with the iPads’ adaptation that works equally well with phones, the linked device feature means you can send and receive messages on any of the gadgets. Not just that, Signal Company has also provided a dedicated set up for tablet users. Earlier, the automatic zoom feature caused elements and components to look janky.

With the new interface that has been designed to negate the same, you would see enough room for all the components on the screen. Now that the artificial zooming would not pose any problem, the details look more enhanced and appealing.

When you view your chats on an iPad, even your conversations would now be seen coming with a horizontal layout, if you turn that in landscape mode. The new layout and design is a much welcomed edition of the smartphone app. Put in some more quality enhancers, and this becomes Version 3.0 of the messaging app.

With the new development, video trimming can now be done in the app itself. Thus, it gets easier to send to your dear ones, a small version, or any trimmed portion for a video that you might have captured or you received or downloaded whatever it is.

You would not need to edit the original video file for the same, now that the feature is in-app. This way, you can also highlight a particular portion of the clip. Forwarding messages between message threads can now be done, too, and it gives you the chance to add edits while you are in the process. This is especially beneficial when you want to edit the message before you forward it so that you can add your ideas and opinion or disclaimer, maybe.

The blog titled “Signal for iPad and other iOS improvements” mentions, “Editing support lets you amend, extend, append, explain what you intend, or tie up loose ends before you hit send.” While encryption and security have not been updated, there are other updated features.

As an added feature, if you tap on someone’s avatar in a group chat, you shall be able to message or call them. The new update has also added support for a handful of languages, which include Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Thus, it can be assumed Signal plans to multiply its user base in other regions of the world.

If you wish to get an early preview of the new update version of the app, before others, you can do so by subscribing directly to the beta channel on Google Play if you are an Android user. If you use an iPhone, you just have to join through the app store page and TestFlight app.

In a blog by the company Signal, they have mentioned how desktop users could be beta testers too. The blog is titled “How do I join Signal’s beta?”
“Desktop users can follow the steps on GitHub or send an email mentioning ‘Join the Desktop Beta’ to support@signal.org to receive an invitation via email.”

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