Singapore is Ready to Start the Trial of 5G Supported Drones for Port Surveillance

Singapore is ready to bring in drones for port surveillance. The Singapore government is doing this to try and improve port surveillance. The trial will be carried out at the southern coastal waters of Singapore. This project will be 5G supported. Hence the hopes for it to work are high. 

Ever since Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was introduced to the technical world, all the industries across the globe are trying to up their technologies to incorporate Al and ML into their systems. A lot of oceanic projects like surveillances and population countings have largely benefitted when adopting drones into their systems.

This 5G supported surveillance trial will start in August and go on for a whole year. This one-year long trial will test how the airbus drones work on port surveillance while being supported by 5G mobile networks. A joint announcement was made on Thursday, that is June 11th. This announcement was made collectively by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and M1. This statement was regarding their joint partnership with the travel giant, Airbus.

While the main objective of this project is port surveillance, there is also news that the government is looking to improve its image as a trading and connectivity hub in the Asiatic region. “We believe that 5G will sharpen Singapore’s competitive advantage,” stated IMDA chief executive, Tan Kiat How. The government is also asking other private industries to get involved and help enhance the 5G ecosystem of Singapore.

Airbus is hoping that this collaboration will help in establishing good cellular 5G performance. The objective will be to have these unmanned aircraft integrate and fly in the national airspace systems. On behalf of Airbus, the head of their unmanned traffic management system, Isabel Del Pozo de Poza stated a firm belief in this.

This 5G network will be local and will be organized and monitored by telco M1. It is not a part of the Singapore government’s plan of Nationwide Networks that plans on covering the whole country in 5G networks by 2025. 

For the nationwide 5G network, two companies have simultaneously been awarded the license to start working on the project. A joint venture between Starhub and M1 will collaborate with Singtel to work on this project. 

5G, as compared to 4G, provides better latency, which is lower and gives better surfing speeds. For unmanned aircraft, this will come in handy in providing more reliable, safe, and accurate communication services. The 5G technology will also be helpful in terms of providing real-time data about the location of the drones. It will be a much better alternative as compared to satellite data, which will not be as precise.

Along with the coastal trials, M1 and Airbus have also planned to test out the 5G technology for some of their inland projects as well. Just last month, M1 announced a collaboration with IBM and Samsung to try out 5G smart manufacturing, which will benefit the industries a lot. Singtel and M1 started their testing of port-related machinery last year, like cranes and automatic vehicles. 


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