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Dewalt DW745 and SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw – Which Is Best?

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There are various aspects to contemplate when choosing a table saw – rip capability, fence, sawdust collecting apertures, and so on. Even while many top-of-the-table saws have similar functionality, minor details can make a significant impact. Those who have had previous experience with conventional saws term them as inconvenient and of poor quality. When it comes to comparing table saws at similar price points, a full analysis and comparison of features make sense. This comparison guide provides a broad overview of the benefits and drawbacks of popular table saws, Dewalt DW745 and SKIL 3410-02. Let’s compare SKIL 3410-02 vs DEWALT DW745 and see which one is better.

SKIL 3410-02 Vs Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Comparision

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw ImageDEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw Image
Model NameSKIL 3410-02 10″ Table SawDEWALT DW745 10″ Table Saw
Dimensions28.9 x 12.99 x 20.87 inches25.75 x 26.5 x 13.87 inches
Weight67 Pounds53.9 Pounds
Motor15 Amp15 Amp
Bevel2 to 47 Degrees0 to 45 Degrees
Speed5000 RPM3850 RPM
Power SourceCorded ElectricPower Cord
Voltage120 Volt120 Volt
RIP 20 Inches20 Inches
Blade Size10”10”
Settings AdjustmentEZ View Measurement SystemSite-Pro Modular Guarding System
Dust Collection SystemNot Present2.5 Inch
Maximum Cut Depth2.5″ at 45 degrees and 3.5″ at 90 degrees3.125″ at 90 degrees and 2.25″ at 45 degrees
StandHeavy Duty Steel Folding StandNo Stand
Warranty1 year, 30-days moneyback (3 year warranty with registration)3 years limited, 90 Days money back, and 1 year service contract
Check PriceCheck Price

Dewalt DW745 and SKIL 3410-02 Key Features Comparison

Because no single table saw can suit all requirements of a specific consumer, it’s advisable to conduct some investigation before deciding to purchase one. Let’s have a look at some significant characteristics that are very needed in a Skil 3410-02 vs Dewalt DW745.

Power Source

Dewalt DW745 is driven by a power cable at 120V and revolves at 3850 RPM. Whereas Skil 3410-02 comes propelled by electricity at 120V, and its motor spins at 5000 RPM. Both table saws use 15 amps at full load and should therefore be plugged into a 20 amp outlet. Extending cords are compatible with both, which should be at a maximum length of 50 feet from an AWG 12-gauge cable being the finest. These 2 devices include a 15-amp, high-torque motor that delivers enough power for demanding jobs like cutting hardwood or tough wood.


The thickness of a substance employed with the table and attached rip fence is determined by the rip capacity. In this case, SKIL is a far superior product compared with Dewalt. Dewalt’s table saw can only tear 15 inches on the right edge of the saw blade. And this isn’t with SKIL. Skil table saw has a table that can rip up to 24.25 inches. But if talking about facts, 15 inches is sufficient for most simpler to medium tasks. One who wants to work on tougher jobs can go for more inches, like Skil.


Any table saw assessment must consider efficiency. Both DW745 and 3410-02 arrive designed for commercial developers and amateur DIY lovers who want a good-quality table saw for slicing soft and hardwoods. These 2 are lightweight, which cause no to minimum mess and fuss while performing jobs with them. Nevertheless, it is important to note that one should not employ both of these to cut huge chunks of wood. They will, however, cut through thinner chunks of real hard hardwood and are more than suitable for composite materials and ply. These tools would benefit from a blade upgrade for peak effectiveness. And users should purchase 60 tooth carbide-tipped blades to address restrictions of the basic utility blades that arrive equipped with both these variants.

Safety Features

One of the most crucial aspects to consider before purchasing any model is the safety that equipment provides while employing it for any job. Both these cutters come with similar security measures that ensure great safety while using them. Included parts like push handle, blade shield mechanism, kickback pawls, and riving cutter, deliver utter protection to users. All those items are standardized according to industrial norms.


Overall weight of 3410-02 is 67 pounds, which is bulkier than DW745 which weighs 53 pounds. Though this heft gap is evident, the fact that SKIL comes with a stand eliminates all concerns. Either of these 2 machines are considerably lightweight and easy to transport compared to most other typical models. Both tools would be similarly transportable and manageable for most professionals used to dealing with tools and equipment and moving goods. The SKIL variant should attract individuals touring work locations because it comes with a rapid mount/release stand.

Dust Collection

A waste-collecting duct with a 2.5″ port for attaching to a shop vacuum or collecting backpack is included in Dewalt. When using one of the mentioned accessories, dust formation is easy to handle, the accumulation is also small, and the cleaning required is modest. Unfortunately, SKIL 3410 lacks a dust cover or gathering mechanism, which can make working in a workplace or on a factory floor a nasty experience. Sweeping dust and dirt when it’s the appropriate time to end the day’s work can be exhausting. In this aspect, the Dewalt clearly outperforms the competition.


Commercial power equipment should be simple to manage, in which both of these devices are best. Regarding the maintenance, it will be a breeze when utilizing any of these products, Dewalt and Skil. On external surfaces, just minor cleansing, dust reduction, and greasing is necessary. A best table saw should have its blades aligned and replaced on a regular basis. Both units are simple to operate and have clear indicators, high-quality grips, and a reasonable structure. On either saw, there are no big functionality difficulties.

Included Components

Both tools come equipped with a miter indicator, push handle, rip fence, protective pawls, and blade shield, as is customary with 10-inch table saws. In the shape of the integrated stand, 3410-02 has a positive implication. As mentioned, DW745 lacks a stand which can be a bit of an issue. Both saws come with a comprehensive handbook that includes all relevant security and operating recommendations, as well as modifications and service directions.


Dewalt has a significantly better guarantee than SKIL’s table saw. DW745 has a 3-year limited warranty on components and maintenance coverage. In addition, it comes with a 90-day money-back assurance, 1-year of complimentary servicing, and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty policy for Skil 3410-02, in contrast, for production or component faults and inefficiency, is a 30-day money-back promise and a 1-year limited warranty. However, those who register with Skil will get a 3-year warranty on all of its machines.

The Bottom Line

Apart from an integrated pedestal and a bigger rip capacity, Skil 3410-02 vs Dewalt DW745 statistics indicate both are unique in their respective aspects. Most things are almost similar in both of them. Those who are searching for lightweight table saws that delivers output for smaller jobs can go for Dewalt. In contrast, those who want to work for tougher jobs can go for Skil. From safety to warranty, consider all those requirements and choose one that best suits your needs and fits your budget.

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