Skype Launches the new ‘Meet Now’ Feature that does not Require Sign up

Skype is one of the most popular video calling apps by Microsoft for both people on mobile as well as desktop. But during the conflicting situation of the Coronavirus pandemic where people have been forced to stop coming to their office and start work from home. Most of the video calling conferences like office meetings and other actions have gone to Zoom. For people who do not know about zoom – it is one of the most common places for office workers to share chats, video conferences, and other related information.

As per the information from sources Most people started using zoom over Skype at this pandemic situation because of the fact that zoom has made it very easy for people to establish a connection and share files and resources along with video conferencing. The only downside to their easy access is that zoom does not have a proper security system and may compromise the safety and privacy of information shared on their platform. No matter what, people still choose to use zoom over Skype.

Now that Microsoft has realized that they are losing customers to zoom because of their strict policies, the company has decided to make a comeback with a new feature called ‘Meet Now’. 

The ‘meet now’ feature will make it very easy for the user to establish a video conference or a meeting in just a few clicks of the button. To be exact, Microsoft claims in only three clicks of a button you can establish a free meeting with their new feature. You can start the process from their website itself, in case you do not have Skype installed on your desktop. 

Yes, you heard it right, you do not need Skype to be installed for this, and nothing can be easier than that. After you have established the connection from their website, all you have to do is invite people for the meeting with the simple link provided in the window or by using the share button. 

On the off chance that you are inviting a person that has Skype installed on his desktop, the link will open into the app directly. But if the person does not have Skype, the link will redirect him to the web client that will work on both Chrome and some other browser like Edge. 

Recently the privacy issues of zoom came into light when many people started complaining that the security and privacy provided by zoom are not up to the mark. Any person can access private information shared in a meeting easily without having to provide any kind of proper authentication. This drawback certainly came in use for Microsoft Skype as they immediately moved into action and developed their new ‘meet now’ feature in the hopes of clawing back their users from zoom and certainly get an edge over their competitor’s app.

The meet now features of Microsoft Skype will not even require the user to sign up or download their app. This will be a relief for many people, as most people are not vivid users of video calling apps, but are being forced to use or download it through the pressure exerted by their office to enable them to work from home.

Because of the lack of a proper authentication system, users are made aware before itself that the channel created by the meet now may not be much secure. But for people that only need to do a video conference for some casual work, or to chat with their family members and friends quickly without wasting too much time in setting up such as downloading or signing up, will find this new feature very convenient and useful.

Whether the Microsoft Company will make some more changes to their existing Skype app, or bring some more updates for the convenience of their users is still unknown. But the ‘meet now’ feature currently has received a lot of positive response from its users. And the company’s strategy to take over Zoom as its competitor has surely worked out well for it.

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