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Sky’s New Glass TV For Live Streaming With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Sky's New Glass TV For Live Streaming With Wi-Fi Connectivity

The British broadcasting and telecommunication company Sky has launched an advanced “Sky Glass” TV on Thursday. For the very first time, Sky has launched a TV that does not require any satellite dish or an external box, or a soundbar. In addition, this new television set can also stream Sky TV content with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Sky’s glass TV will be available to the customers in three different sizes: 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and five different colors. It is compatible with each 4K or HDR TV. It will stream all the Sky TV content and other additional applications like Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, etc. Live television also allows pausing and recording the content along with an integration of voice control.

The Chief Executive Dana Strong of Comcast, the company that bought Sky three years ago for $40 billion, said, “This is the only TV in the world with Sky inside, and all of your favorite apps too. It works on Wi-Fi, so no dish, no box, and no fuss.” She further added that “we spend more time searching for content than enjoying it” and love keeping “things to be simple” during the London event on Thursday.


Apart from live streaming without a satellite box, the “Sky Glass” has other features like making a playlist to find the favorable content in one place. It can also be assessed with voice control and human body motion. This means the television will automatically shut off if you cross in front of it.

Talking about the monthly subscriptions, it differs from model to model. Done strongly during the event claimed the price to be “very affordable.” The smallest 43-inch TV set costs £649, divided into 48 months, with £13 per month. The 55-inch model will be available at £849, with £17 per month for 48 months. The largest Sky model will cost £17 per month over 48 months that can be installed for £21 per month over 48 months, and £42 per month over 24 months.

The above monthly prices include Sky Ultimate TV, which contains access to Netflix and some basic Sky channels. But if you want to enjoy channels like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, you need to pay separately for them. The company is also coming up with Sky Stream Pucks. This simply meant multi-screen sharing, and you can easily watch the Sky content on TV installed in another room of your house. And of course, this feature will also be charged separately, but you can’t buy a Sky Stream puck without a Sky Glass TV.

Sky Glass, in collaboration with Samsung’s QLED, will be available to its customers from 18th October 2021 in the UK market. Undoubtedly, customers are excited about it after its official announcement on Thursday. But, at the same time, they are also expecting to have full access to Pay TV services with broadband or from any ISP they wish to use.

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