Slack launches Dark Mode for Desktop (Windows, macOS & Linux)

At present, Dark Mode craze is everywhere in the apps world. Slack is now joining this trend by launching the dark mode feature for its desktop versions. From today every Slack user can make use of this feature on their workplace chat app. So, all Windows, Linux and macOS users, get ready to switch from the traditional light theme to the dark mode on your desktop.

This feature turns the screen into black and makes the content/messages in the app easier to read and will not be a burden for eyes. This is the reason why all the apps are following this Dark Mode trend. While, most of the developers are focusing on bringing the dark mode for iOS and Android versions, Slack went ahead and bought this feature for desktop too.

As per sources, Slack is already having some sidebar themes and it is now enabling the dark mode variants of those themes. Also, it is adding its own dark mode theme namely “Nocturne” to the existing themes. You can set this Nocturne mode on both desktop and mobile. Previously, the dark mode is released on iOS and Android versions of Slack. Months later, the same feature is now available for desktop versions.

Slack’s accessibility product manager, George Zamfir said that “Dark Mode is an important feature for lots of people”, “It’s helpful for working at night or in low-light, and we know many need it for accessibility reasons like visual impairments, migraines or other visual disorders.”

You can find this latest dark mode option in the Settings >> Themes. If you haven’t found, just update or relaunch the desktop application of Slack and check in the settings. Below are the clear steps to access the Slack dark mode option.

  • Update or relaunch the Slack application on your desktop.
  • If already done, go to the upper left corner of the application and click on your name.
  • Now, select the ‘Preferences’ option and go to ‘Themes’.
  • There you can see the preview of light and dark modes or you can also preview other sidebar options available.
  • To get the black background, choose the Dark Mode option. Whenever you want, you can switch between light and dark modes easily by following these steps.

Also, you will be soon able to sync the app’s appearance with your OS settings. The company is planning to launch this feature soon and date hasn’t been mentioned yet. If once it came out, you can connect your mobile settings to those on your desktop by selecting the option “Sync with OS Settings”.

Recently, giant companies like Google and Apple also launched the dark mode feature for their products and services. And now Slack proved that, it is not anywhere less than others. The company knew that there are many desktop users for Slack who work at night. So, along with mobile, it thought that it is necessary to bring the dark mode for desktop and so they rolled out that feature in no time. As Dark Mode is available on the desktop versions like Mac, Linux, and Windows, all the Slack users can check and update to this new mode from today.


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