Slack’s new desktop app loads faster and uses less RAM

Slack desktop app loads faster image

One of the best social networking sites, Slack has improved its desktop and web app for the user benefit. The app is used widely for formal conversations and even for day to day chatting. The app is bringing a major update which would speed up its features and would even use less RAM. To be honest, the app would be simply rebuilding its technology so as to improve its existing feature and speed.

The app is available in both the desktop version and mobile phone system. Compared to WhatsApp, Slack is more preferred for formal chats as the later does not require the users to give their numbers. In Slack, one has to register through their e-mail ids, though adding contact number is a choice.

The app has the feature of creating a workspace where the admin can add the members and they can chat about the required matter. While every app has its own share of pros and cons. Slack has a sight default of using a bit too much of the system memory. The new update has been made so as that the app would use 50% less memory than it does now.

In an interview, Jaime DeLanghe, the director of Product Management at Slack, said, “We want people to be able to run Slack alongside anything else they are using to get their job done and have that be easy, uncumbersome, delightful even. So we took a look at the environment we’re in. I think the other thing to note is that the ecosystem for client-side development has just changed a lot in the past five years. There have been some major updates to JavaScript and new technologies like React and Redux to make it easier to build dynamic web applications. We also wanted to update our stack to fit in with the modern paradigm.”

The app used to take a lot of memory space of the desktop due to the use of multiple workspaces. Due to this, it used to display all the data before displaying the UI, when switched between workspaces, which caused consumption of a lot of memory space. The new update would now load the data only when it is available. The new update would also allow the users to read the conversation even when they are not online, thus having the chance to gather the information even when they are offline.

As per the news, this latest update would be available in the next few weeks and the users would be able to use it conveniently. Due to less consumption of memory, the app would now work faster which would make it easier to operate in.

With the new update, Slack would even be able to give a tough competition to its rival, Microsoft’s Teams. According to stats, Microsoft’s Teams has around 13 million daily users while Slack has only 10 million daily users. With the new update, Slack would make it convenient for the users as they would be able to switch between workspaces easily and can use multiple applications without much difficulty. Furthermore, the app won’t consume more memory of the system.

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