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Sleepwell launching its cocoon mattresses that allow users to choose the comfort level of their mattresses

Sleepwell launching India's first customizable cocoon mattresses

Sleepwell mattresses are now offering a customizable mattress line that allows you to decide the kind of comfort you desire. The company says that people can modify the mattress according to their needs just by interchanging the two foam layers on the top. The two layers provide gentle or firm comforts and can be interchanged at any point. They have named it the cocoon mattress for its extraordinary ability to provide you the comfort that you need. Sleepwell is one of India’s leading mattress brands produced by Sheela Foam Ltd. The cocoon mattress is, without a doubt, one of the kind products and is relatively new to the market.

It is also different in terms of being a MIAB model that is a mattress in a box version. Sleepwell is now introducing these MIAB mattresses to India, and they will be India’s first customizable mattresses. This new type of mattress gives the customer the personal liberty to choose the level of comfort they want to feel on their side, be it the firm or gentle comfort. People usually tend to have varied sleeping patterns, styles, timings, and comforts as well. While some people can fall asleep anywhere, others need a specific position of temperature or a level of comfort to be able to fall asleep.

Sleepwell mattresses made this observation fairly quicker than any of its competitors in the mattress market, and thus its cocoon mattress will be one of the first mattresses of this kind. By this kind, we just mean that it will allow you to interchange the layers of your mattress to make it suitable to your liking. You can change it from gentle to firm comfort or vice versa. An eye-catching feature of this mattress is that it can allow two people sleeping on this mattress to enjoy different comfort patterns depending on their liking. It can assist them with having two different types of feels on two sides of the same bed.

It does this by allowing them to choose different comfort feels by interchanging the mattress’s layers on their side of the bed for a more sound sleep. Yet another benefit of this mattress is that it allows you to choose the firmness of your mattress. This flexibility in options is what makes it so likable amongst the customers. The cocoon mattress is triple-layered. It comes with two interchangeable layers so that the user can adjust it according to their preference of comfort. The bottom-most layer, which is called the core layer is a permanent layer that provides unmatched support.

Everybody has different comfort preferences when it comes to sleep. Even those living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed may need different comfort levels to fall into a peaceful slumber. This comes from the cocoon mattresses flexibility feature that lets two sleepers in the same bed decide individually if they want gentle or firm support to sleep.

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