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Sling TV now available on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

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Sling TV has arrived on Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, giving the users of Sling TV a brand new way to stream their favourite content. This is no less than one mega integration with Google’s services for Sling TV, and its subscribers can rejoice over a happy surprise.

As an obvious first step, you will need an account on Sling TV. With what is being seen as a launch celebration, the Sling TV users who have signed up through Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max will also get a free 3 day trial to start with Sling TV. What is more? A current promo for Sling TV subscribers starts at a dirt-cheap $15 subscription!

Sling TV is one of the most economical among all the major internet TV streaming services with a starter price of $25, which is way cheaper than Google’s own YouTube TV. With this development, they would be giving full support for the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Sling TV had been showing up on Android, Chromecast connected TV, Android TV, and more already. But if instead, you wanted to start using a simple voice command to switch it, you can’t do it till now. But with the recent integration, you can simply command, ‘Hey Google, watch so and so channel on sling’! It is that simple.

Users would be able to give commands like play, resume, pause, stop, skip etc. and let the command control work its way to Sling TV’s action control regimen. Various movies, shows, entertainment stuff, sports update and channels and news and lifestyle TVs would be just a command away!

There is also this Sling TV app where users would need to make a few changes in the settings section to get you started with the Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Or one can access the Google Home app and get an account linked with Sling TV.

Using just voice commands, you can tune in to your favourite channels spanning movies and lifestyle to sports and news.

“Now you can control Sling with your voice to watch shows on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, or use your voice to cast Sling to a Chrome cast-connected TV. You can say “Hey Google, watch HGTV on Sling” (or any available channel you want to see!), as well as command controls like “play,” “pause,” “skip forward 10 seconds” or “stop” (but why would you ever want to stop Slinging?). On the Nest Hub Max, you can also pause and resume content on Sling with Quick Gestures by holding your hand up and looking at the device.

New customers who sign up for Sling through the Google Home app will receive a 3-day free trial to explore the sports, news, lifestyle, movies and shows we have to offer, no strings attached. To access Sling on your Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, simply go to the Google Home app on your smartphone and link your Sling account.”


When compared to other popular internet TV streaming services, Sling TV is really cheap, since both its orange and blue channel packages begin at $25 only. Although the monthly cost of many mainstream TV services like AT&T and Hulu TV has been on the rise, Sling has put a firm ‘No’ to spiking monthly rates.

Sling TV was not previously allowing a hands-free voice command, unlike Chromecast connected TV. But now, apart from voice commands, users have this option to use gesture controls too. Pausing or resuming can be done by Quick Gestures like raising your hand upwards while looking at the screen.

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