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Sling TV offers 5th anniversary discounts to its customers

Sling TV offers heavy deals and discounts on its 5th birthday

Sling TV is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week. And it is planning to give you some solid deals and discounts if you happen to be one of its new or existing users. Isn’t that cool? But wait, that is not all. The service gets to celebrate its founding on February 9, 2020. Sling TV has struck a partnership with National Day Calendar, and this would mark the first-ever cord-cutting holiday. The day will be officially called “National Cut the Cord Day” from now on.

As a way of celebrating, Sling TV will give away a host of discounts to its new and returning customers. Among these, there is the first month of service for just $ 5 and following it, are the other exclusive offers piled up. These offers will be the limited period ones, and most importantly, these limited-time offers shall remain available for five days only, that too from February 7 to February 11. Customers can enjoy the various offers after signing up for one month on Sling TV for $5.

Around this time, the analysts have also been estimating that around 6 million people will be cancelling their traditional TV subscriptions in the year 2020. That being said, this cancelling of conventional TV subscriptions is the main idea behind calling it “cutting the cord”. But for the cord-cutters, everything is not hunky-dory. In fact, there are so many available options of streaming apps to choose, that a normal user who has decided to transition may get confused and feel lost.

Warren Schlichting, the Sling TV Group President, stated how their services have encouraged people to cut the cord, “For the past five years, we’ve been dedicated to making live TV streaming simple, easy and affordable, helping Americans save $1.2 billion through cord-cutting.” But at the same time, compatibility, programming and line-up of channels are equally important concerns.

There is no doubt that officiating a calendar day and calling it National Cut the Cord Day has been done to take away any excuse to cling to cable. The company has made it clear that this partnership will help not just in cutting the cord movement, but the future Sling TV users would find it easy to cut the cord, and set eyes on their Sling TV. This internet service provides a host of personalized content packages.

Users have been finding it increasingly easy, to begin with. They are going to provide you with a base service and an additional 10 hours of free Cloud DVR when you first start. This would be priced at $30 per month. You would have the option to select any “Extras” which you want. These extras would cost you $5 for each addition and within a span of just five minutes; you can start out on a journey to enjoy all your favourite shows at one place. It is that simple!

“Cut the Cord” idea has certainly gained its much-awaited momentum and what better for streaming services than this time to make the most of this golden chance! Sling TV’s partnership with National Day Calendar could not have been timed better. Sling TV has lined up attractive offers for its customers:

There would be limited-time offers for existing customers also. The starting month of Sling Orange is going to cost them $5 which had been capped originally at $ 30. As a part of this package deal, the customers will get more than 30 channels and all of them through a single stream. This package includes a number of popular channels that include A&E, TNT, HGTV, ESPN, Disney Channel, CNN, TBS, Freeform, Food Network, Lifetime and many others.

There is this second option of choosing Sling Blue and the initial month of Sling Blue would be priced at $5, which was initially kept at $30. Users opting for this deal would receive a pack of over 40 channels and in this case, not one but 3 simultaneous streams. This package includes a number of popular channels that involve TLC, FX, Fox News, select markets of FOX, specific markets of NBC, USA, Comedy Central, Bravo among others.

The starting month of Sling Orange and Sling Blue in a combo package will cost the users $20 which was initially struck at a whopping $45. In this limited period offer, the rates have been slashed to a big extent. It is a reduction of a huge amount of $25, and certainly, many users would be willing to try it at least for once. Once a user chooses to get the hang of both the Sling Orange and Sling Blue services, he or she would get to enjoy more than half a century channels, and they would be streamed through four streams at the same time.

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