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Smartwatch Wear OS to Start Reminding Users to Wash their Hands

Smartwatch Wear OS to start reminding users to wash their hands

The Google Company surely has made too many changes to its products and services to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic amongst the citizens of the world. The company has taken full responsibility in maintaining the health of its customers. Recently, Google incorporated a new update in its Wear OS Smartwatch, which will remind people to wash their hands regularly.

As a part of precaution and to aid in the reduction of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, experts had suggested that a person needs to wash their hands regularly while at home, or while returning to home. Although many people have strictly followed this new way of living life, some may forget it once in a while. And therefore, the Google Company has taken upon itself to remind people to wash their hands at regular intervals of time.

The Wear OS Smartwatch by Google had an update 5.4.0 which will now remind its users to wash their hands every 3 hours for at least 20 seconds. The watch will also follow a timer set at 40 seconds to make sure that people are following the rule and scrubbing their hands properly. The watch is not done there, as it will also insist that the person washing his hand does it with soap, instead of just alcohol-based sanitizer of some plain water.

Android Police first reported this news, and they have also noted that the notification or reminder can be turned off by long pressing or holding the notification. On the off chance you are wondering what happens when you are sleeping or going through some movie marathon, will the alert disturb you. Then you don’t have to worry as you can easily turn the setting off and go along enjoying what you like the most without having the alert to bug you now and then. 

The reason why Google incorporated this setting in their latest update is to help its users stay alert and to keep their memory jogged so that they may not forget it. 

Several researchers and experts have constantly requested citizens to practice social distancing as well as maintain proper hygiene. Washing their hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds and not touching their face, nose or eyes with unwashed hands is one of the major precautionary methods towards curbing the effect of the coronavirus. And that is what the Google Company exactly wants to do through its smartwatch.

Not only this, but the company is also spreading awareness towards the COVID-19 pandemic by making changes to the algorithm of their search engine. Various guides and websites related to the COVID-19, announcements and information that are released by the official government body or some authenticated and legalized organization are shown as the top results in their search engine.

The company has also created a website that provides authenticate information related to the virus along with information on the nearest testing centre. Google is also currently working with IBM as a part of a consortium to provide them with sensitive resources and information that will help the world in developing a solution or vaccine to curb the coronavirus pandemic. 

A few weeks ago, Google Doodle also highlighted the need for sanitization, maintaining proper hygiene along with the need of washing hands regularly to stop the spread of coronavirus. The company has been coming up with one solution or the other within every few days to help the world. 

The Google Company also wants to help people and Broadband services to reduce the traffic flow. With the increase in the number of people working from home, the number of devices connected to the internet at a time has increased rapidly. And therefore, the Google Company has decided to reduce the quality of video in their Nest Security Cameras and change it to default. People have the option to change it back to their requirement according to their need.

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