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SMEG and Disney collaborates to launch a special edition refrigerator

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The first-ever collaboration of two global icons in the U.S market SMEG and Disney to launch a limited special edition refrigerator. It is the 70th anniversary of the pioneering Italian appliance brand, SMEG. It has decided to collaborate with Disney to commemorate the milestone. They said that there would be a total of 90 fridges for this limited-edition collection.

This commemorative refrigerator will have Disney’s most beloved character- Mickey Mouse. The world witnessed Mickey Mouse come to life in the year 1928. Steamboat Willie created this character in black and white animation; this is what SMEG is using as their inspiration. They are drawing inference from this character on their popular retro FAB28 refrigerator. Mickey is also celebrating the milestone- 90th anniversary this year.

Both these brands share the same motto of bringing the family together. The core of SMEG’s principles is to focus on food, family, and entertainment. Disney, as we all know, has the ability to unite the people of all age groups in the sense of fun, optimism, hope, and laughter. Each of the limited edition FAB28RDMM3 fridges will sport the true original picture of Mickey playfully reaching for the refrigerator’s handle. The 90 fridges will be produced to celebrate each year since Mickey Mouse came to life in 1928, making it a true collector’s item. Each fridge will be decorated with a silver plaque to indicate its unique number.

The FAB28 by SMEG is a very popular 50’s inspired design. Aesthetically, SMEG’s FAB28 is the most widely recognized design. It made a mark in the 1990s, creating a refrigerator revolution all over the world, which still has its effects till date. SMEG has introduced many upgrades to the FAB28 refrigerator, which includes metal wine racks, chrome shelving supports, LED strip lights, adjustable glass shelves, ice compartment, and a life-plus drawer for extra cool temperatures that will keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer and increase their shelf life. Recently they also added an upgrade, which includes a metal back in all of its SMEG fridges.

As per the news, starting this November, the refrigerators will be available exclusively in Williams Sonoma and select SMEG dealers. The Mickey Mouse refrigerator is priced at $2,799. In the past, SMEG has collaborated with other brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Mini, and Veuve Cliquot. SMEG is an Italian brand which is known for its beautiful products that combine style and technology for people who are keen to stay with the latest trends.

SMEG’s attention to detail combined with design and performance is what makes them distinct. Their distinctive appliances are the result of collaborations with talented makers around the world. Every product that is produced by SMEG comes from a studio where function, form, and ergonomics are carefully studied, making the products a handmade special.

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