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Snapchat brings Cameo feature: Select a video, Set your face & Replace original!

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Snapchat will be adding a totally new feature to itself and believe it or not you would soon be seeing people stick their faces in videos. You say, you did not quite understand, didn’t you? Well, let us clear the air for you somewhat!

Snapchat is bringing a super cool feature for its users related to posting video messages while chatting. Talk about the third quarter of the year 2019, this photo and video sharing fun app Snapchat boasts about having around 210 million daily active users in a worldwide total.

Snapchat has lately confirmed their Cameo feature and said that it would take them some time to finally roll out the feature for all corners of the globe. In order to form the start of this rolling out and testing phase, the feature has been made live for some users in France. The company has maintained that the feature is being tested currently.

Some users in France posted about the new development on Twitter posting screen captures of the feature described above. So what happens is a lot like Deepfake technology. The Cameos’ users would be using selfies as the basis for its app feature. Further, the users are required to select what type of body they would like to keep, which would then help to choose related video clips.

The app feature would offer a simple selection between male and female-presenting choices. There are a multitude of very short videos that Snapchat has made available within their app. The number of such clips is around 150 for you to choose according to your mood and situation.

What happens then is that you get to transplant your face onto the face of the person appearing in the videos. This way, it appears as if you are carrying forward the situations, as shown in the video, and is quite fun to watch. This is a significant change and is sure to be liked by the users as a new feature that differentiates it from other social media apps.

In the same quarter, i.e., third quarter of the previous year, Snapchat had somewhere around 186 million daily active users globally in totality. So, it is quite obvious how Snapchat has been soaring high in the popularity meter with every passing day. And that net worth comes after a huge addition of 7 million users in the third quarter of the running year 2019.

In the United States, the app enjoys glorious popularity among teens and youth. In a report, around 90% of teens in the age range of 13 to 24 use Snapchat as a medium to engage socially. That percentage is at 75 for the youth in the age bracket of 13 to 34-year-olds. To be honest, the numbers are not surprising!

According to Snapchat’s ‘For Business’, its users spend a lot of time on the app with an activity ranging from 25 to 30 minutes. On average, users check-in over 20 times to the app per day. Also, while they spend an average of 30 minutes sharing and hovering over the app, they are reported to be creating over 3.5 Billion Snaps daily as per estimation.

It is known to all and sundry that social media means different things for different sections of the population. While for the young and the middle age, social media provides a way to connect with their peers and long lost friends and get acquainted with each other’s lives, that is not exactly the case with teenagers.

For teenagers, social networking sites and apps like Snapchat mean more fun building activity. They repeatedly log in to view whatever is going on in the lives of other people, as a way to enhance mood and spend quality time. With the coming of the “STORY” feature, getting updates about one another’s lives has never been so easy.

Around 70 percent of millennials feel that apps like these break monotony and help them keep up with their friends and relatives. They get to know whatever goes on in the world, and social media serves as the chief way to stay connected.

Let us come to the new addition to Snapchat after its stories were copied by Whatsapp and Instagram and were quite a hit on both the platforms. There is another option for users, which allows them to select some trusted friends for a “TWO PERSON CAMEO” to use the faces of both users for creating the cameos.

Snapchat is set to launch its feature named “SnapchaCameos” on December 18th, which will soon be followed up by global roll outs for Android and iOS users.

Image Source: 9to5Mac

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