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Snapchat Introduces “Friend Check-Up” For Better Safety

Snapchat Introduces “Friend Check-Up” For Better Safety

Snapchat is introducing a new feature called “Friend Check-Up” to remind you that your friend list consists of only “friends” and not strangers. The app is known for its extreme safety and has been appreciated a lot for this. With the new feature, the app ensures that the users only have their close friends on the list.

It is well known that if you have a friend added on Snapchat, he/she can have access to your posts, stories, and even your location, based on the Snap Map. Now, you would not want a stranger or your ex to see your posts and stories or even your location. To ensure that it does not happen, the app makes sure that your friend list is clear of such strangers and your data is safe. 

The feature will come into action within a few weeks in Android phones and a few months for iOS users. Once the feature is in action, the users will get a notification stating, “Snapchat is for real friends.” Once you click on the notification, you will see your friend list in the app and then remove the people you do not want in your list. By doing so, you remove the strangers from having access to your private data and location, which is important during such days.

With social media being unsafe for young users, having high privacy and security in an app is essential. We have seen many cases where social media apps were found to leak private information to third parties and even read the users’ conversations. One cannot trust such apps, and hence Snapchat is making sure that whoever is in your friend list is your “actual friend” and not any stranger. It not only protects your stories and posts from a third-person but even prevents people from seeing your current location, hence preventing stalkers from attacking you. 

Snapchat is marking “Safe Internet Day” with this new feature, and it will surely be a hit amongst the users. With the recent conflict amongst the WhatsApp users due to the new privacy policy, Snapchat makes sure that its users are happy and safe. While Facebook and WhatsApp are providing false privacy, Snapchat is making the benchmark in users’ privacy and safety.

The app has always been known for its privacy. Whether you are talking with your best friend or classmate, you can always know that the chat will remain safe. Even if the other person is taking a screenshot of the chat or your snap, you will get a notification about it. Moreover, even if your friend replays your snap, you will get to know about it. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can select when the message should disappear. You can either select the “disappear after read” or “disappear after 24 hours” option. It makes sure that any third party or person does not read the chats. 

The new “Friend Check-Up” will be active within a few weeks. However, if you want to remove friends on your own, you can do so in three simple steps. Firstly, open your “My Friends” list on Snapchat. After that, scroll through the list and if you find anyone you do not want in your list, then select their name. You will see options on your screen; Remove Friend and Block Friend. Select any one option, and then the user is removed from your list. It is better to have close friends in your friend list than having a massive friends group, where you don’t even know half of the people. 

Image Source: TheVerge

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