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Snapchat introduces a 3D feature which lets users create AR snaps on their own

Snapchat launching 3d paint feature image

The new 3D paint feature introduced by Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging app, lets its users create augmented reality photos from the cameras of their phones. The feature allows users to draw on photos both in front and rear camera mode. The 3D AR lets you draw whatever you like on faces as well as objects images.

The 3D paint feature is now launching on iOS phones, and later it will be available for Android users too. The option for creating 3D paintings can be found at the bottom bar, which was introduced in the Snapchat camera, solely dedicated to creating and browsing AR contents.

The AR feature is somewhat similar to the feature in Samsung, which was introduced on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But Samsung’s feature possesses the additional benefit of using the phone’s S Pen stylus, to get a more precise drawing than a rough drawing with your finger on the screen in Snapchat 3D drawing.

The feature is available on iOS devices as mentioned before, but Android users will have to wait since it is not covered in the launch session and, the dates of the Android version’s release are not yet confirmed. It will supposedly be available on the Android version of Snapchat in the coming months.

However, the users’ versions of self-drawn 3D AR drawings spreading on the internet looks fun and fascinating feature. A van with eyes and mustaches and some selfies with various geometric patterns do get a lot of attention. There is no doubt that this Snapchat camera feature will be a trending one once it gets available for android users too.

The advantage of this 3D drawing augmented reality is that, it suits the features of the image or person. The filters in normal photo editors like B612 or Youcam are pre-set designs, and the features of the stickers and filters may look slightly displaced according to different people’s facial features and the angle of the camera. But in the case of Snapchat’s 3D drawing, it suites perfect for facial features since they are custom made designs according to the image and our ideas.

The new 3D paint-like feature of Snapchat allows the users to create AR images with just their normal mobile cameras. This feature is surely going to be the social media favorite since the uses and possibilities of this fun feature are beyond limits. From the images of user experiences, the 3D drawings look really cool and well in place, no matter wherever the camera angle comes.

According to the latest reports, Snapchat is investing a huge part of its total investments for the development of AR features. Reports from the past couple of months alone show $1 billion by Snapchat, in launching new dual-camera Spectacles, capable of creating 3D AR content. This cool feature by Snapchat is ready to rule the internet and social media up next.

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