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Snapchat is Trying out TikTok’s Vertical Swipe Navigation in its Public Domain

Snapchat is trying out TikTok’s vertical swipe navigation in its public domain

TikTok is currently facing a lot of difficulties in the digital world all across the globe. It has been banned in India, and will supposedly be banned in the US as well. As a competition or rather a substitute for TikTok, Instagram released its feature called ‘Reels,’ which allows users to film short videos like TikTok. Now, Snapchat is looking to change its public content’s navigation system to swipe up a theme that gained popularity from TikTok’s content, where you could swipe up to get to the next video. Snapchat said that this navigation update would just come out as a testing feature to provide the users with better visual aids for viewing the content.

As of right now, Snapchat is only going to introduce this to its public domain, the discovery section. Viewing friends or private stories will remain the same. You will have to tap through them to see the series of stories posted to your privates. Snapchat justified this by saying that story can have multiple parts, which is why a vertical swipe would not be helpful. They have also disclosed that a swipe in the horizontal direction, be it to the left or the right, will exit the section instead of moving you between the stories like before. Some users have also attested to the fact that horizontal swipes feel unnatural these days. 

After spending tons of time on TikTok, vertically swiping through videos becomes a sort of a routine habit or rather a reflex to consuming video like the content. Thus going to Snapchat and having to tap and swipe through stories doesn’t come very naturally. The update about the new feature came to most people via twitter, where a user shared a picture of the prompt about the new feature. However, Snapchat didn’t say much about the feature or reveal any of its details. They have currently released the feature for only a small portion of their user base to test it out. 

A Snapchat spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We’re always experimenting with new ways to bring immersive and engaging content to our mobile-first Snapchat community.” Still, most people are speculating the timeline during which Snapchat has decided to test this out.


Amazon has announced that TikTok will be removed from the phones issued by the firm, and the US military has also enforced a ban on the usage of the app. These steps are being taken due to the app’s owner being a Chinese company. The Pentagon had issued a warning back in January about Chinese apps that might wire the US user’s data to the Chinese communist party. While TikTok is facing a lot of backlashes and is under the threat of getting banned, other rival apps are trying to incorporate some efficient and popular features of the app to cater to user needs.

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