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Snapchat introducing Events Feature: Copying Facebook? Let’s see!

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Well, Snapchat is trying really hard to gain more followers and fans which can be clearly seen by the app introducing new features which are quite similar to that of Facebook. The new features allow the user to add event or place where they are in the current time which is quite similar to that of the events feature available on Facebook. This was first noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher who has a record of discovering new features in any apps even before its release.

For now, the exact function and working of the new feature are still unknown but from a screenshot posted by Wong, it can be seen that the event feature in Snapchat allows the user to add the event name, time, and place of the event. The feature even allows the users to allow recipients to create or join a group chat for the said event. Though it is unclear whether the feature will allow making any public events or just private events between the user and his friends.

The feature clearly follows the Snapchat’s Snap Map so as to locate the place of the event. The Snap Map was introduced last year and the Snapchat’s event feature is surely going to make full use of it. The Snap Map was originally made for the users to know the location of their friends and if they are nearby or not, which is also quite similar to the “nearby friends” feature on Facebook. The only difference was that the map even predicted what the user’s friends are up to according to their location. The new events feature is still on the development stage and we cannot say yet what all surprises the app has in-stored for its users.

While it might seem wrong that Snapchat to copy such features from Facebook, but on the contrary, Facebook and Instagram had done the same with Snapchat. Both the apps have copied certain remarkable features from Snapchat like the app’s filters feature, stories feature and many more and the main thing is that these features when copied from Snapchat, had done wonders to Facebook and Instagram by providing them with huge success.

Many app researchers and bloggers have contacted Snapchat for more updates on any new features and the news would be reported as soon as information is gained. For now, we can only guess about the new feature and if there are any additional features or modification of the feature. Snapchat would surely benefit from the new feature if it works out well.

Apart from that, Snapchat has already received a number of followers and users due to its certain remarkable features which had made the app a bit unique or different when compared with that of Instagram or Facebook. The date of announcement of the new feature or any other update regarding Snapchat has not yet been announced but we can say that the creators are definitely not going to make us wait for the next update of the app.

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