Social Distancing and New Normal with Google’s Sodar

The world has a new normal now where everyone has to follow social distancing rules to be safe. The coronavirus pandemic being at its peak at the moment calls for technology helping officials solidify the social distancing norms. Thankfully Google has taken a step in the right direction, possibly with ‘Sodar’ as an Augmented reality tool for social distancing.

Social distancing calls for maintaining a distance of two to six meters between yourself and the next person insight. Not everyone would understand the distance required and would end up standing closer to a person than what is required. It is where Google’s Sodar comes into play.

Sodar, as an AR tool, takes the user through an augmented reality version of the world and tells you what a two-meter distance would look like. It can help the individual gauge how far they need to be standing from the next person. The tool here will show you a line that will be an indicator of the distance you need to follow to maintain the proper social distancing rules.

As complicated as the working of this AR tool launched by Google might be, it is truly easy to use. Once you see the line of distance while you are standing at appointing, the line will move with you as you start moving. It will maintain the direction as well in which you are moving, which makes using Sodar extremely easy.

One might think that all these features have been compiled into an application available on the store in your phones. Things are a little different, actually, and Sodar can be accessed through Chrome only. It is only through the official website address that is You can start using this AR tool. The same website can be accessed through your laptop as well.

There are a few requirements that Google’s new social distancing tool will ask you for, one of which is to have the latest version of Google Chrome. The update is fairly new and only works with the latest version. iOS users will still not be able to access the website as the tool has only been launched for android. It might be awhile before things come into play for iOS users.

Camera permissions and allowing to enter into AR are a few other aspects you would have to look into while setting up Sodar. It will find the ground point for you once you move around the camera for a bit. A two-meter white line in a circle will be shown once it identifies the ground point, and you can instantly start moving while maintaining a safe distance.

Sodar seems like a great initiative for the new normal that the world has to get used to. It will only smoothen the transition into it while maybe reducing the chances of getting infected in certain cases, at least.

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