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Sony Announces the World’s First AI Image Sensor with Integrated AI Smarts

Sony announces the world’s first AI image sensor with integrated AI smarts

Sony has announced the world’s first-ever AI image sensor, which incorporates AI smarts. The new IMX500 sensor has included the good of both processing power and memory. This incorporation helps the camera to perform machine learning-based operations very easily.

The best part is that the ML-powered computer vision tasks can be carried out without the need for any extra hardware, unlike the existing ones in the market. That results in faster, cheaper, and more secure AI cameras, as per Sony. A number of products and devices, over the years, have essentially benefitted from the conjunction of AI. Machine learning has expanded the realm of operations and quality.

The face detection feature, while taking a picture, is another widely used application of the technology. This tech allows the machine to think like a human, view, and observe like a human does and act accordingly. But, there are significant threats that are posed inadvertently on the way. For instance, the use of the cloud is undoable.

The cloud storage is used to store images and videos from devices. The process of sending these images, videos, and other media files to another location is in itself very risky as it exposes the device to a number of threats from hackers waiting for the device to fall prey. It is a pretty Unsafe and slow journey. The technology makes its usage counted in stuff like self-driving cars and as detailed as automated surveillance.

Many companies have tried to tighten security measures. The new high-end phones from Apple, Google, and Huawei need makers to install specialized processing cores on their machines to take care of the additional demand. In edge computing, however, the chips are not directly attached to an image sensor. It is special, as it has never been achieved earlier.

Given that Sony dominates a considerably large chunk of total space in this industry, clients will be attracted to use this technology more and more. It should be understood that the IMX 500 is not for the consumer hardware in general but the commercial clients.

IMX 500’s test samples have already started to get shipped to the beginner customers with prices beginning at ¥ 10,000, which is the same as $ 93. Sony is hopeful that its first range of products which aptly utilize its latest technology, the image sensor shall be reaching in the first quarter of the next year 2021.

Whereas the Movidius by Intel incorporated in DJI’s Phantom 4 drone and Google’s Clips camera takes seconds or at least 100s of ms, the IMX 500 from Sony can do the standard image recognition algorithm to a single video frame in just 3.1 ms. That is the reduction in time taken, which is simply massive.

Sony vice president of business and innovation, Mark Hanson, said that his technology is unlike the industry’s existing ones. There shall be greater speeds and faster privacy. Right now, only some basic algorithms can be applied by the image sensor, as per Hanson.

Image source: The Verge

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