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With a new pixel structure, Sony is stepping forward in Mobile Image Sensor Tech

Sony announces new pixel structure for mobile Image Sensor

Sony is all set with new additional technology for the mobile image sensors. Recently, the company came up with the feature for the mobile image sensors, which can provide a perfect picture by all means.

According to the information that is shared on their official website, the 2×2 OCL lens known as the on-chip lens is a new technology to achieve high resolution, high-speed focus, high sensitivity and high dynamic range in pictures.

When zoomed in, basically, a picture creates the sample of the picture in multiple numbers of square images. These are known as a pixel. The conventional technology couldn’t produce a high sensitive picture because of the variance in the pixel structure. In order to fix the issue, they adopted a new signal processing technology.

In this technology, an on-chip lens, which is a condenser lens, is placed above the image sensor pixels. Along with this, a conventional on-chip lens is also placed on each pixel. With these changes, they used imaging pixels as a detection pixel. The combination of these changes, along with the new 2×2 OCL method, resulted in a new phase difference.

Furthermore, they found out that the difference in phase can make the sensor to focus even a small object with high accuracy. The 2×2 method enables autofocus at high speed using the phase difference. So the focus performance does not depend upon object or pattern.

To use this method in cameras with the low light intensity, they obtained information from multiple phase difference detection pixels and integrated the end results. Along with this, they have eliminated the impact of noise.

Last July, Sony registered 6 new full-frame sensors with Quad pixel structure. The quad pixel structure helps the sensors to capture high sensitive pictures. It seems like they figured it all out.

They have used the Quad bay structure, which adopts the color filter array and places the four pixels of the structure with the same color next to each other. The high resolution can be achieved with a unique signal processing function along with array conversion.

In order to achieve high sensitivity, the 2×2 OCL lens design works in a way where the alignment in the structure arranges itself to the same color in adjacent sides. This change helps to improve the efficiency of light utilization.

The unique exposure controller technology and processing function help to capture real-time high definition images.

The new structure seems to provide a perfect picture in one touch. The rest of the things can be figured out only when the devices with this technology hit the market. Information like the future plans about using this technology in mobile phones was not available on their webpage. Sony might come around to explain their next plans.

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