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Sony Enters the Drone Field, Plans to Launch ‘Airpeak’ in Spring 2021

Sony enters the drone field, plans to launch ‘Airpeak’ in spring 2021

Today, Sony has stated that it would be venturing into the world of drones as it introduces Airpeak- an exclusive project for drones. The project is all set to kick-off in the spring of 2021. The project would mark the organization’s entry into the area of AI robotics.

The announcement regarding the ‘Airpeak’ project came in via Sony’s Japanese website. Furthermore, the company revealed that the ‘3R technology’ would play an important role in manufacturing premium quality camera drones. The 3R technology, as its name suggests, involves three important technology aspects- reality, real-time and remote.

Sony’s venture into the drone area would not be a cakewalk as there are highly-efficient DJI drones already hovering over the field. Take the case of Sony’s entry into the smartphone market wherein it did produce some high-quality camera phones; however, it did not perform very well in that sector. Presently, Sony’s share in the smartphone area is not even 1%.

However, it is needless to say that there is an enormous difference between the smartphone and drone sectors. Ironically, DJI has also faced lots of difficulties when it comes to its drone business. So now, it remains to be seen as to how Sony would perform in this field. 

Moreover, it is not easy to establish success easily when it comes to the drone market. Take the case of GoPro, which entered the drone market in 2016, thinking that it could offer tough competition to DJI. Unfortunately, its Karma quadcopter turned out to be a disaster. However, the situation could be a little favorable for Sony this time. It is a Japanese company that is given more preference in the US now, owing to the hostility towards Chinese products and technology.

Sony states that its entry into the field of drones comes from its usefulness features. Without the presence of drones, it would have been impossible to view snippets that only a drone could capture. Moreover, drones have contributed greatly to improving efficiency while reducing the burden on labor across various industries. The project has been named ‘Airpeak’ as the company intends on improvising the quality of drones by bringing forth ‘imaging and sensing technology’ apart from, of course, the 3R technology, as mentioned above. 

Airpeak would be uplifting the morales of video creators, along with improving the entertainment feature. Additionally, safety and reliability are important aspects that Airpeak would be looking into, promoting a better state of mental health when the drone is in operation. The project would ensure the smooth operation of the drone even under tedious circumstances.

Going further, Sony would provide more details related to the project. It also plans to conduct regular co-creation activities to procure the required feedback from users accustomed to operating drones. These factors would come to be extremely handy and prepare the organization for an effective launch during spring 2021. 

Sony is looking out for professionals and experts who would help support the Airpeak project. Regular updates related to the project would be posted on the company website. 

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