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Sony has Launched a New Wearable Air Conditioner that Blows Air Down your Back

Sony has launched a new wearable air conditioner that blows air down your back

Sony is known for bringing out reforming technologies and devices into the market to solve daily life problems for its customers. It has now come up with a small portable device that acts as a wearable air conditioner, which will keep you cool throughout the day by blowing cooling air down your neck. The device was revealed to the audience about a year ago. It is finally available in the markets for purchase. The device is called Reon pocket and is designed to easily slip inside a pouch on the underside of a custom made shirt. It blows cool air down the neck via a process called thermoelectric cooling.

The device is designed to be super compact and very lightweight since it is wearable. It weighs only 85 grams and is sized like a credit card. Sony claims that during test rounds, the device was able to cool down the temperature of the wearers back by almost 13 degrees, thus proving it very useful in heatwaves. You can even use it to warm up your body when it is cold outside by almost 8 degrees. It completely depends on the user, Sony says. 

The device is Bluetooth enabled and adjusts to the desired temperature automatically. The user can even change the temperature using its custom app on his phone. The device comes with four different temperature settings for cooling or heating. The small size means that the device is not very efficient in terms of battery life and thus will only support your AC needs for about two hours without charging. It comes with a type C charging port, and it is advisable to carry a portable charger for some long afternoons in the sun. 

The device was initially listed on Sony’s ‘First flight crowdfunding program’ in Japan, which is a way for the company to figure out whether an idea is good to bring into the market or not to depend on how high its demand is. The campaign turned out to be a huge success, and thus the device is now going to be available for general sale. Sony had planned to launch it this summer in the wake of the 2020 summer Olympics Tokyo edition. The firm was all set to see huge sales, but now the event has been canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Currently, the device is only available to buyers in Japan. It is priced at 13,000 Yen, which is equal to almost $120, which is in all true sense a fairly reasonable price to pay to fight the heatwaves in the summers with such great technology. The Reon pocket should hopefully be available for worldwide sale soon. In the launch of this product, Sony said, “Reduce the discomfort due to various temperatures such as hot summer outings, crowded train heat, cold winter outings, etc., and get comfortable in summer and winter,” explaining in short the benefits of the portable device.

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