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Sony to bring wearable ‘Air Conditioner’ shirts for next summer

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Wearable air conditioner? Yes please, but is it possible? Well yes, it is and all credit goes to Sony for making this possible. Known as “Reon Pocket”, the device is a wearable air conditioner, yes you read it correctly it is indeed a wearable air conditioner, which is of the same size as a smartphone. The device can be worn on a specially designed shirt and the person is ready to go.

How would this device work? In scientific words, it would work according to the Peltier effect which clearly states that, “the cooling of one junction and the heating of eh other when electric current is maintained in a circuit of material consisting of two dissimilar conductors.”

Confused? Well, in simple words it would lower the body temperature of the person wearing it, by 23 degrees of the Fahrenheit scale. The Reon Pocket can be controlled through Bluetooth and would be located at the backside of the shirt. The device is not noisy at all and would be priced at $117 as per sources. Currently, the device is under crowdfunding campaign and would be seen in the market by next year probably.

No doubt the idea of creating such a device is brilliant but it has its own pros and cons too. While the device is perfect for people who walk miles for work and by the time they reach their office, they look exhausted, the device would keep them fresh and would avoid sweating.

One concern is that the device may cause environmental pollution due to the gases that it might release. Another major concern is that the Reon Pocket has one battery life, which means that once the battery life is over, the device would become completely useless. There is no means of charging the device and the only way is to buy another Reon Pocket if the user needs it. 

Sony has crowdfunded the Reon Pocket through First Flight Program of Sony, which is known for increasing the demand for the product and also for the product’s advertising. If you are worried that you can only use the Reon Pocket during summer season or during a humid day then you are completely wrong. The device doubles up as a heater too which can be comforting during the winter season. While the summer can be a bit tolerable but the chilly winters are unbearable. With the portable heater in the body, one can easily get warmth even in low temperatures. The device can raise the body temperature by 14 degrees of Farhenheit scale.

Reon Pocket is being said to be released in 2020 and the Japanese markets would be the first consumers of the device after which it would be launched in the U.S. Global release of the portable air conditioner can be expected during late 2020 or early 2021. The device would be attached to the shirt designed for it and can be bought for $117, as of now. The price may increase later on, according to the sale and demand of the device.

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