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Sony to Launch its Spatial Reality Display in November for $5000

Sony to launch its Spatial Reality Display in November for $5000

Sony is bringing about its own Spatial Reality Display device in November. The device would be costing $5000. So what does this device look like? The bigger side of the display device comes with a camera. It also consists of a 4K screen measuring 15.6 inches. So, when one views anything on this display, it looks real. For instance, a person viewing a Volkswagen Atlas on this screen would feel moving in front of his eyes. In other words, Sony has tried constructing a display that can somewhat provide a holographic effect. 

Content developers can use the Sony Spatial Reality Display by projecting their digital creations on this screen, thereby giving everyone the impression that the object is present in front of their eyes. However, Sony’s Spatial Reality Display is a little costlier when compared to the Looking Glass Display. The latter, coming in with almost the same specifications as Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, costs about $3000. On the other hand, many people can view the images during a single time on the Looking Glass, which may not be the case with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Sony has designed this display such that only one viewer can catch 3D glimpses of the objects at a single time.

Sony claims that the device is equipped with a camera that tracks the eyes and the face at high speed. Apart from this, there are real-time algorithms that have been fed into the device. The lenticular lenses that are precise to the core can provide a crystal-clear display image. Sony has also provided beautiful demos within the device, stating how it works and all. 

However, the image illusion does not seem to be continuous here, as Sean Hollister stated in ‘The Verge.’ According to him, bigger and more in- depth images than the dimensions of 13″ x5″ x6″ may not be visible fully on the screen. Moreover, users cannot move too close to the device screen, as this may interfere with the 3D formation of the object on the screen. In other words, the user may not perceive the appropriate 3D effect of the object. 

Users could probably get a better virtual understanding of the objects in the virtual world with the VR headset’s aid. However, Sony claims that it has designed this device, keeping in mind its target audience’s requirements, who preferred having a device that can be placed comfortably on their desks. 

Sony has made most of its demos for this device in the Unity engine platform. However, an SDK had been built for the Unreal engine platform, too, owing to which VR content can be transferred to the device from either platform. According to Sony, the 500-nit 4K display screen is fully compatible with Adobe’s RGB color gamut. The company further states that it is good to have an Intel Core i7-9700K and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super or probably something even better than this for better working of the display. 

The device does have its own 2.1 speaker, which is in-built within the system. The sound coming from this speaker is quite loud. The volume buttons for sound adjustment have been made available on the top of the device. 

Sony has already discussed this display with engineers from Volkswagen, the Ghost Corps filmmakers, and with one of the biggest architectural organizations in the entire world. However, Sony is open to directly selling this product to anyone who wishes to purchase it. The product would be available for sale from Sony’s website starting in November. A virtual demo for this product has been organized on October 22nd at 3 pm ET.

Image source: TheVerge

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