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Sony Tweets Teaser for its New 4K Compact Camera which Arrives on May 20

Sony tweets teaser for its new 4K compact camera which arrives on May 20

Sony has tweeted a teaser for its latest 4K compact camera to be launched on May 26 that could feature especially for the vlogging applications, if rumors are to be believed. The camera is being known as the ZV1. The camera will have a large-sized record button and an ND filter as well to produce a better Bokeh effect. There is no official confirmation about its vlogging use. 

There have been a series of images that have already been leaked on the internet showing the new camera. The images show a black coloured camera that can be held in your hands pretty well. The camera is said to be succeeding another one of Sony’s cameras, which in this case, is Sony’s popular RX100 VII with some basic differences.

Sony alpha rumors have got some images based on which it has drawn a rough outline of the specs of the camera from the house of Sony. The camera has been given a large autofocus option, which is also eye tracking in nature. The camera lens, which is a 20 MP lens coming with a 1-inch sensor, is particularly promising.

The camera has got a different 24-70 mm lens with a focal of f/1.8-2.8. Again, for video capturing, Sony has given its camera a large record button. There shall be a capacity of 3-capsule microphone for better capturing of audio when recording the videos. Apart from that, the camera also features one fully-articulating display and a good grip to hold it.

The autofocus feature is a high-quality one. The camera resembles, by all means, Sony’s old and popular beauty- the RX100VII. The leaked specs mention that the camera shall be coming with a completely articulating screen on either side. This placement of the screen on the side is akin to the Canon EOS-RP.

One thing that should be mentioned is that this camera is certainly better when it comes to the gripping feature. The camera has been provided with a better grip than any of the existing RX100 cameras. The specialty and prominent feature is the large-sized video record button. The camera has been given an integrated ND filter.

In photography and, more specifically, optics, the ND filter is the neutral density filter. It can reduce or change the intensity of all light wavelengths. Similarly, it can also alter the colors of light, but the change in light’s color imparts no corresponding changes in the hue of color rendition. Thus, it is an effective way to control the exposure in an image by a photographer pretty easily.

The camera will be having each of the main autofocus features like EyeAf and so on. It is argued that the Sony ZV1 will also have that one touch Bokeh feature. This will essentially mean that while using this camera, the user will be able to shift focus from one object to another. This is called product showcase setting. Apart from these features, the sensors would imply that there shall be an Auto Object detect tool.

The camera has got a record button, but it falls short on the accessory front, as per the leaked specs of the camera and the images published. The Neutral Density feature has been incorporated to allow some better Bokeh effect even when there is too much bright light. This ND filter will balance all out and produce a much more “Soft Skin” effect to ease out the wrinkles. 

Apart from these, the camera will also feature what is called as the custom face-priority that comes with a dedicated algorithm for auto-exposure. Though we have no credible details, the vlogging bit might be true, given all such features.

Since there is no official information regarding the camera specifications, it would be better if a conscious effort is taken to take the specs with some salt. On May 26, the camera by Sony is due to be announced. At 10 am ET, the product will be revealed by Sony. Sony tweeted to say just this much.

Image source: Engadget

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