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Sony’s PlayStation exclusive, “MLB The Show” to reach other platforms by 2021

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Sony’s “MLB The Show”, a video game that was quite famous amongst all PlayStations, is all set to arrive on multiple platforms now. That is, the game would no longer be available only on PlayStations, it would be available on other consoles as well. This was jointly announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Players Association, and San Diego Studio.

Owing to this latest development, MLB has granted a multi-year license to Sony, thus extending their partnership much longer. They have stated that “MLB The Show” is all set to arrive on other consoles somewhere around 2021.

The game first appeared on PlayStation sometime during the ’90s. As it became quite popular among sports fans worldwide, its series started arriving on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (also denoted as PS2, PS3, PS4) as well as PlayStation Vita. Now, with the game all set to arrive on other platforms too, its popularity will only continue to increase further.

Which are the other platforms expected to host the MLB game?
While it is yet to be confirmed that which are the other consoles that would be hosting “MLB The Show” apart from PlayStation, there have been speculations that the game might be arriving on the platforms of Xbox and Nintendo of America. These rumors have arisen owing to the tweet given by the boss of Xbox Phil Spencer. Though Spencer normally posts industry tweets even though it has nothing to do with Xbox, the news regarding “MLB The Show” was tweeted by Nintendo’s official account as well.

Till now, there has been no confirmation from S.I.E. San Diego’s side on whether they themselves would be developing and producing this game for non-PlayStation platforms.

How “MLB The Show” attained fame?
The game first arrived on PlayStation sometime in 1998. From that time, San Diego Studio has introduced various series of “MLB The Show” on various PlayStation platforms. The brand of the game had become quite active and famous since 2006 when “MLB 06: The Show” arrived on PS2 and PSP.

As of now, “MLB The Show” is the only baseball series game that is quite popular among baseball fans. The non-PlayStation platforms did not have many options to host any baseball game series on their consoles. The only one to give tough competition to “MLB The Show” was “MLB 2K” of 2K Sports fame. However, even that departed in 2014, vanishing completely with no scope of returning back. Prior to that, 2K Sports had launched Major League Baseball 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo D.S. had hosted Major League Baseball 2012 on its platform. Post which, there have been no baseball games available on Nintendo platforms.

MLB Advanced Media has been producing its own baseball video games that can be supported on multiple platforms right from 2014. It started the R.B.I. Baseball game series, when it launched the R.B.I. Baseball 14. Although R.B.I. Baseball games are actually available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One along with PlayStation 4, they are not even comparable to Sony’s “MLB The Show” in terms of baseball video games. “MLB The Show” is a class apart when it comes to baseball games.

The show slated to arrive next year titled “MLB The Show 20”, is expected to debut on March 17, 2020. This game can probably be considered the last game that is exclusive only to PlayStation. Chicago star “Javier Baez” of Cubs’ fame is expected to feature as the cover athlete for the same.

Image Source: GamesRadar

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