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SpaceX – NASA Launch on 30th May Well Depicted in Graphic Designer AR7’s Wallpapers

SpaceX – NASA launch on 30th May well depicted in graphic designer AR7’s wallpapers

Graphic Designer AR7 has launched a set of wallpapers for the iPhone to commemorate the launch of the first SpaceX with humans last week. The gorgeously designed wallpapers are now available for all modern iPhones and even android devices to download.

Astronauts were launched in a Spaceflight from the orbit of the United States after almost a decade on 30th May at exactly 3:22 PM. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft lifted off on a Falcon 9 rocket from the very well-known Launch Complex at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The same complex was once used to launch astronauts going to the moon, which is why this moment held a lot of importance.

NASA funded the entire venture and the spaceflight, and Crew Dragon had been the first-ever private human vehicle to head for orbit. The launch moment held a lot of importance coming, given it came from years of hard work.

The wallpapers released by Graphic designer AR7 rightfully speak of the exact moment of the launch, while many variations are available for all of them. One of them depicts a rendering of the Falcon 9 and Crew dragon hardware, while another shows the Kennedy space center set as the stage of the launch. Both these wallpapers, along with others in the set, speak very well of the emotion behind it all.

It is also quite easy to set up the wallpapers on your phone after you have downloaded them. Download links can be found easily, and they will be instantly saved to your google drive as the links have all high-quality images of the wallpapers.

Once you have the wallpapers on your drive, you can save them on your phone. It is valid for all phones and not specific to just iPhones. You also have the choice to save all wallpapers or only the ones that you like specifically. As the images show up on your phone, the drill remains the same as you would do with any other image to set it as a wallpaper. The share icon in iPhones has the ‘use as wallpaper’ section, and upon clicking it, the image will be instantly set up as your lock screen wallpaper or home screen wallpaper.

AR7 has already come up with some of the best wallpapers that truly commemorate the launch, which made history last week. Still, Creative Commons has some licensed images available for you to go through if you are looking for more ways or more wallpapers. Those are directly from SpaceX, so you might just want your hands on them.

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