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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Confirmed as a Stand-Alone PS5 Game

Spider Man: Miles Morales confirmed as a stand alone PS5 game

Spider-Man: Insomniac games have recently confirmed Miles Morales game as a stand-alone game for the new Playstation5. Rumors around the extension of the old PS4 Spiderman game had been going around since the PS5 was launched. Users had questioned the company about the ‘remaster,’ but all rumors were put to rest by community director James Stevenson when he tweeted that it is a stand-alone game.

There had been a lot of confusion around the extension or expansion of the previous game because of what Simon Rutter, EVP head of European business, had said earlier. At the Sony Interactive Entertainment Event, he had commented in an interview that one could call the game expansion or an enhancement to the previous one. It led to the users asking about the ‘remaster’ after the launch of PS5. 

Rutter had also explained further in the same interview that there is a significant Miles Morales element in the new game, which will also be the enhanced element, therefore. He also mentions that major enhancements have been done to the game and the game engine to deploy the new technology and features, as seen in the PlayStation 5. 

Long after Rutter’s comments were made and PlayStation 5 was launched, Insomniac Games has finally confirmed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a stand-alone game and would continue on the adventures of the previous Spider-man game.

Some new features of the game have also been revealed recently. It will be seen that the game will follow the strategy as followed by Uncharted: The lost legacy game that was launched in 2017. It was a shorter version of the traditional Uncharted game, but similar gameplay, graphics, and technology were implemented in the spin-off. Similarly, Spider-man: Miles Morales will have a significantly shorter run time than the original Spider-Man, which took about 40 hours to complete. A difference in retail price can also be expected if the same strategy continues. 

Even though there are clear similarities in Uncharted and Spider-Man: Miles Morales as of now, there are some added aspects to the latter as it is being launched. In addition to focusing on a new character and adding new gameplay features, the PS5 will build on the technological improvements that come with the new console. It is to take advantage of the more powerful hardware that PS5 sports in comparison to the earlier PS4. 

There is a lot that the users of PS5 would see as they buy the new console. Clear improvements like ‘fast-travel across Marvel’s New York City’ and highly detailed character models along with enhanced visuals, will be seen in the PS5. These were some that were lacking in the older PS4 title, so users are excited.

Image source: Engadget

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