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Now you can clean your clothes while riding Bike with SpinCycle Washing Machine

Spincycle washing machine cleans your clothes as you ride your bike

A portable washing machine called the spin cycle is currently gaining popularity on Twitter. It has been the talk of the town for a while now and deservingly so. The washer or rather washing machine will be able to attach itself to any bicycle that you are on and help you clean your clothes.

The machine has been designed to assist with the cleaning of clothes along with saving energy, saving water and saving time, especially in developing countries where the availability of such resources is relatively low. This is a good project that is to be used worldwide for the safety of our environment.

In current times, when we are literally amongst a global pandemic and our environment has been on a downward spiral since industrialization, every little step towards saving the environment counts. Keeping this theory in mind, the SpinCycle should also be introduced in the developed nations to preserve our environmental resources whenever possible.

The idea of the machine originated back in 2010. Product design student Richard Hewitt at Sheffield university had been washing clothes from orphanages almost 30 loads, all by hand. He was working for the orphanage in an African country, Burundi.

This experience pushed him to try and design something that would assist people in cleaning their clothes without having to use their hands. This not only prevents their hands from getting exposed to dirt, grime, and detergents daily but would also make the whole experience a lot easier.

The first design that he came up with was a tricycle with a washer attache to its back, but it was not a very cost-effective idea. He realized that for developing countries, he needed a much more efficient and cost-effective design. Hewitt worked on his project, and when he went back to Burundi in 2012 to test his product, the response seemed better.

A young man who was employed as a clothes washer in his village was written about on his website, which said, “He is now the first SpinCyclist and is fully equipped to run a cycle-powered laundry service in Ngozi.”


The good thing about the SpinCycle is that it can be attached to the back of a stationary bike or even to the back of a moving one, and it will still work just as fine.

Its usage is very simple, given that it is a product for developing countries. You can simply load your clothes, water, and detergent into the compartment called the drum, which is barrel-like in shape. When the bike is in use, the barrel spins along with it since it is attached to the frame of the bike. After about ten minutes of this, the user can replace the detergent water with rinsing water and wash the clothes for another few minutes; then the clothes can be taken out and simply hung up to dry.

The device is gaining popularity on Twitter because of its multi-valued system. You can wash your clothes and get a workout in at the very same time. Some others pointed out that the machine will be very useful in times of need, like when a disaster strikes, and there is no power.

The machine is undoubtedly a good option for conserving natural energy and is a very good alternative in times of natural disasters when there may be energy shortage. It will be highly useful in countries with less energy because it is cost-effective as well.

Although this washing machine has been designed whilst keeping the developing countries in mind, given their energy shortages, reduced costs of living, etc., it can be used even in the developed nations with the idea of getting health benefits from it while also saving natural energy.

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