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Spotify Adds a Moment of Silence to Pay Tribute to George Floyd

Spotify adds a moment of silence to pay tribute to George Floyd

Many cities of the United States of America have been in outrage after the video of George Floyd being pinned down by a local officer surfaced online, in which he later dies as he couldn’t breathe. Everyone from different industries has been supporting the protests going on in the country, and Spotify has also decided to add its bit to the same.

A moment of silence of 8 minutes and 46 seconds will be added by Spotify to selective playlists and podcasts to honor George Floyd. The length of this moment to be added is the same as when Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis pinned down George Floyd for, with his knee. 

The call for action behind this addition by Spotify comes from a much broader movement that is Blackout Tuesday, designed to protest against racism and police violence. Many record labels, including Atlanta records, is participating in this as a hashtag was started by former Atlantic employee Brianna Agyemang that #TheShowMustBepaused. 

Viacom CBS has also come forward as a supporter by adding the moment of silence across its cable channels at 5 PM on Monday. A very powerful video in tribute to George Floyd was released on their channel. It came after the President of Entertainment, and Youth brands announced that all entertainment and youth brands would be going dark for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on Monday, which marks the time when George Floyd was killed. The time here will serve as a tribute to not only George Floyd but also all victims of racism in history. 

Spotify wrote in a blog post that June 2nd would be observed as a day of collective disconnect to help people come together in support of the Black community. The company also emphasizes on using its platform to stand with Black creators and make the world hear their voices. They also informed users of the changes that will come in effect starting 12:00 AM on Tuesday. 

In addition to the observation of the moment of silence for 8:46, Spotify has also said that they will pause all of their social media activities and replace playlist images and logos with blackout images only. It will be supported by the company promoting prominent black artists with specially curated playlists being released at the same time. 

Spotify has decided to add their bit to the long-needed change and the need for meaningful conversations on the fact that Black lives matter. They will also be matching all donations made by their employees to organizations that are working to fight racism and injustice caused by this.

Image source: TheVerge

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