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Spotify now creates a personalized playlist for your road trip

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Spotify, as we all know, is a digital music service used by many people worldwide. People tune in to the same to access various music videos and audios. Now it has only added another feather to its cap-it helps in creating a personalized playlist for a road trip. Yes, you heard that, right! With the help of a new functionality called “Soundtrack your Ride”, Spotify helps in creating specific playlists for a road trip depending on the duration of the travel and personal interests of individuals who are involved in the trip.

The option “Soundtrack your Ride” is available on the official website of Spotify. One would need to access the website and select the same in order to proceed further.

How does Spotify create a personalized playlist?
At this juncture, one may begin to wonder how this is achieved. Well, to begin with, Spotify calculates the total road travel time by entering the travel destinations, which would be covered during the course of the trip on Google Maps. Of course, this would include the starting point and the final destination of the trip. With this, the tool “Soundtrack your Ride” can determine the total travel time. A minor glitch here could be that the user may not be able to modify the route selected by the tool for the app; however, the total travel time determined by the tool can be changed in the application.

There are a few more things apart from the above-mentioned aspects. The person who is going on the trip would have to answer a small quiz. The quiz would involve questions regarding the car used for the travel and also the preferred soundtrack.

It would also pose questions to the user, such as the number of people and the age-group of the people involved in the road trip. There may be a certain set of people who would like to tag their pets along for a road trip. Questions would be posed related to this area too. The tool would also like to know the preferred music-genre of travelers.

As per the latest news, the quiz would also include questions related to the driving vibes of the person. This may be either “lovesick” or “mellow” or anything else. The traveler would also have to answer questions regarding his favorite or his ultimate driving song. The user can also enter any song containing explicit lyrics.

Based on the answers to the above questions, the tool would help the user in creating a playlist suitable for the road trip. The user needs to select a button that is created for the purpose of generating the playlist. With this, a personalized playlist suiting the needs of the traveler gets generated.

The user is free to regenerate the playlist or even share it on social media. So far, the ‘Soundtrack your Ride’ tool is available only on the website of Spotify. It is not yet functional on its mobile app. This, it is advisable to generate the playlist right at home before the trip begins.

Let us just hope that people are able to generate playlists of their choice with the help of Spotify, making their ride memorable and joyous!!!

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